Saturday, May 15, 2010

Feeling pretty darn good

What is the best feeling in the world you my humble opinion it is laying here with a warm bottom and the old mans cum leaking out of my pussy...the only thing that could improve it is if he was ready for round two(i am REALLY hoping i am going to get a round two) and he got out the toy bag...i wouldn't mind not even a little bit if he put on of the plugs to use while we are both on our would keep me nice and horny until he wants to go again....god it had been way too long...and for a minute i thought it may not happen tonight...we came home from an outing with the kids and i fell asleep playing on the computer...and then i was woken up in a most wonderful fashion...being spanked....after a nice hard long spanking which put tears in my eyes he started fucking me doggy style...i couldn't tell you how many times i came......ok he is coming back to bed...gonna post this up and hopefully later tonight or tomorrow i will be able to finish telling you about round 1 and then tell you about rounds 2-6...hee hee...time to go be a brat and earn a spanking