Thursday, March 4, 2010

droppin loads

Look at me still blogging reasonably isn't every day but i am not sure what is up with the old man and me so i am not even going to talk about it...but on the way over to his house tonight i was listening to the playboy radio station again(my new habit when traveling to his house) and the topic for the evening was where do you like to shoot your load for the men and where to you like to receive his load for the ladies...the popular answer seemed to be on the woman's face and i do love a good facial every now and then...mostly when i am most submissive and get off on the "humiliation factor" especially if i am told not to clean up for some time...i will swallow if instructed to do so...not because i enjoy the taste but because i like to please the old well bred ladies don't spit...but there is nothing better than getting a nice cream pie...i am sure you know by now i am willing to do almost anything to receive a cream pie from the old that isn't anything new to you...i guess my question is for the guys...when you are that close to cumming wouldn't it feel best to finish off in her?...i have to think that would feel better than the satisfaction of seeing your load shoot all over a nice sluts face...i mean obviously if you are getting sucked off a facial is a good ending...but there were guys calling in saying their fav was to fuck a nice pussy and right before they cum pull out and move to shoot their load on her me that doesn't sound very good...i know if i had to stop fucking right before i came to change positions or something it would completely kill the i would love to hear some of your opinions...where do you enjoy for the load to end up and am i wrong about pulling out to give her a it actually better feeling for a man?


  1. If we ladies stop and change positions to cum, it does indeed make it less pleasant. But I'm given to understand by the men with whom I've discussed this that the male orgasm is more of a "point of no return" type situation, where if you get to a certain point, even if Jesus himself showed up and hit you in the nuts with a baseball bat, you'd still cum. Okay, maybe not that last one. But I definitely don't understand the desire to pull out and shoot it on the face. Pulling out, okay, I can see, especially if you're doing that to be safe (which it really isn't, but that's neither here nor there) and maybe you like to see the creampie, but pulling out and going someplace else... yeah, I don't get that myself. I think creampies are much sexier. If you're not a porn star, why bother with anything else?

  2. I like cumming in her mouth best, but a facial is particularly satisfying the first time, mostly because of the dominant aspects of it.

  3. I always prefer to finish inside her. To Me there is nothing sexier than pulling out after a good nut and seeing my cum seeping out of her. Especially if it was a huge load and it really gushes out of her.