Saturday, May 15, 2010

Feeling pretty darn good

What is the best feeling in the world you my humble opinion it is laying here with a warm bottom and the old mans cum leaking out of my pussy...the only thing that could improve it is if he was ready for round two(i am REALLY hoping i am going to get a round two) and he got out the toy bag...i wouldn't mind not even a little bit if he put on of the plugs to use while we are both on our would keep me nice and horny until he wants to go again....god it had been way too long...and for a minute i thought it may not happen tonight...we came home from an outing with the kids and i fell asleep playing on the computer...and then i was woken up in a most wonderful fashion...being spanked....after a nice hard long spanking which put tears in my eyes he started fucking me doggy style...i couldn't tell you how many times i came......ok he is coming back to bed...gonna post this up and hopefully later tonight or tomorrow i will be able to finish telling you about round 1 and then tell you about rounds 2-6...hee hee...time to go be a brat and earn a spanking

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Best Laid Plans........

Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men Often Go Astray...I had grand intentions of blogging more regularly, reading the blogs i enjoy more regularly and getting laid more regularly...the last being the priority of course...after the last year was so tough it was nice to be able to have a few weeks of "regular" ...and then ANOTHER family member became ill and needed 2 has been hell all over seems like tings are starting to settle down on that front...i may even get laid this week...god i hope so...i am about as horny as i have ever fact i am going to say good night and go read some blogs and watch some vids before i fall into bed

Thursday, March 4, 2010

droppin loads

Look at me still blogging reasonably isn't every day but i am not sure what is up with the old man and me so i am not even going to talk about it...but on the way over to his house tonight i was listening to the playboy radio station again(my new habit when traveling to his house) and the topic for the evening was where do you like to shoot your load for the men and where to you like to receive his load for the ladies...the popular answer seemed to be on the woman's face and i do love a good facial every now and then...mostly when i am most submissive and get off on the "humiliation factor" especially if i am told not to clean up for some time...i will swallow if instructed to do so...not because i enjoy the taste but because i like to please the old well bred ladies don't spit...but there is nothing better than getting a nice cream pie...i am sure you know by now i am willing to do almost anything to receive a cream pie from the old that isn't anything new to you...i guess my question is for the guys...when you are that close to cumming wouldn't it feel best to finish off in her?...i have to think that would feel better than the satisfaction of seeing your load shoot all over a nice sluts face...i mean obviously if you are getting sucked off a facial is a good ending...but there were guys calling in saying their fav was to fuck a nice pussy and right before they cum pull out and move to shoot their load on her me that doesn't sound very good...i know if i had to stop fucking right before i came to change positions or something it would completely kill the i would love to hear some of your opinions...where do you enjoy for the load to end up and am i wrong about pulling out to give her a it actually better feeling for a man?

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

nothing to report

So i have absolutely nothing to report about last night because nothing happened...i am a tad confused as to why...he had to go out on a few calls but still i was expecting something...i am going to go clean something...maybe i will blog later...sigh

Monday, March 1, 2010

gonna be a good night

So i think i am going to get over to the old man's tonight...he has had a rough weekend so i am not getting my hopes up as to what will occur after the kids go to bed...i am sure something will occur(unless he gets called out on work since he is on call tonight) but if i dont get my hopes up then i will be satisfied with whatever i get...there was a time when things were much less complicated in our lives and we were able to spend at least 5 if not 7 nights a week with each was very very rare that i not get laid every go from that to this where we each have so much other crap going on that we are lucky to get one night a week just makes me feel like we need our play more planned out to make sure we both get the things we like the most in the little time we have...where before it was much more spontaneous...if he felt like using a belt he did because we knew he could use his hand or flogger or whatever the next i find myself silently hoping "oh i hope he uses the flogger tonight" or "i hope he ties me up tonight" or "i hope he bites my neck and shoulders while fucking me doggystyle" because i dont know when the next time we will play will be...he always gets his anal and 95% of the time we start out with me sucking him off so i know his basics are covered but i worry about making sure his needs are taken care of 100% of the time when we do actually get to play so it wont be as hard on him when we dont get to i try to plan how we play out a little more which does make it feel more like a chore(a fucking awesome chore) and less spontaneous...i am a planner is how i am in every aspect of my if i have a big evening planned and it ends up being a very nice but normal evening i get all butt hurt...i have to learn to roll with the punches more...oh well...anyways i am sure the old man will give me something to blog about tomorrow so i am going to go take a shower and go see him...i leave you with something i borrowed from a friends blogs

Nervous habits: i am a nervous talker...when i am nervous i talk and talk and talk not really making any sense
Are you double jointed: my thumbs are...pretty useless joint to be double jointed in.
Can you roll your tongue: yes and the nerd in me is going to inform you that rolling your tongue is a genetic trait.
Can you raise one eyebrow at a time: .not really and i just made some funny faces trying...however i can do the elivs lip thing where you raise one side of your mouth
Can you blow spit bubbles: depends what is in my mouth at the time ;)
Can you cross your eyes: yes i can
Tattoos: not yet...there have been times i wanted one but i always figured odds were good i would end up regretting it...i will probably wait until i am putting my kids names on my body to do it.
Piercing: sadly i am allergic to any kind of metal so i cant have any piercings...i really think i would enjoy some of the less publicly visible ones
Do you make your bed daily: not pristinely but yeah.
Which shoe goes on first: which ever one i found first
Speaking of shoes, have you ever thrown one at anyone: not yet but i have a list of people who deserve it
On the average, how much money do you carry: just enough to make it not worth anyone's while to mug me.
What jewelry do you wear 24/7: since i am allergic none...jeesh keep up.
Favorite piece of clothing: i love my hoodie that is 2 sizes bigger than i normally wear...i love snuggling up in it...of course i live in the desert so i get to do that for about 2 months a year.
Do you twirl your spaghetti or cut it: why isnt there a "slurp" option?
Have you ever eaten Spam: nope and i wont...i am not and adventurous eater...if it looks weird, smells funny, or i don't know all of the ingredients i am not gonna eat it...although the last one is because i have a few really serious food allergies
Do you use extra salt on your food: only on my potatoes or eggs.
How many cereals in your cabinet: none...i am not a fan of cereal
What’s your favorite beverage: well if you are asking what i drink the most of it is water...i drink a lot every day...but a couple times a week i will have a can of rootbeer.
What’s your favorite fast food restaurant, depends on my mood...burger kings burgers are probably the best and i like wendy's chicken the best.
Do you cook: is the one area i never have any self doubt
How often do you brush your teeth: once a week?...seriously does anyone answer this question with an answer saying any less than once a day?...i brush them as often as my mouth feels icky which means when i wake up, and after i have smoked too many cigs and honestly i dont always do the before bed time brushing but my official answer is "enough"
Hair drying method: hair is very clown like unless i dry it with a towel and immediately put a lot of product in it and tame for me it works best to not blow dry it...well it really works best to use a flat iron and straighten it all pretty like but i dont have the time for that
Have you ever colored/highlighted your hair: i am so blond i have considered using dye on my eye brows so it looks like i have some...that being said i have gone auburn and i think it looks pretty good on me but i cant handle the upkeep
Do you swear: only on days ending in y
Do you ever spit: well bred young ladies dont spit and i apply that to anything that enters my mouth
Animal: the beast that the old man turns into when he is in need of some anal from me.
Food: ice cream is pretty damn good anytime anywhere.
Month: it used to be December because that is when i take my yearly trip to see all my old friends but after the last year of my life my favorite month is any month in which the fates or the gods or goddesses or the powers that be don't kick me in the teeth
Day: any day i can make it through the day with out too much drama and the cherry on top would be getting to spend time with the old man.
Cartoon: south park
Shoe brand: .Nike...i learned it was worth the money to buy really good shoes when you are on your feet as much as i am
Subject in school: i was best at math...i just have a brain that can pick up mathematical equations by seeing an example once....but i had the most fun in chorus
Color: blue
Sport: is porn a sport?
TV shows: depends on my mood...i think my overall favorite is Sons of Anarchy...after that i like the other FX dramas-Rescue Me & Nip/Tuck...basically i am not too into sci-fi except for torchwood and i will watch almost anything else
Thing to do in the spring: fuck
Thing to do in the summer: fuck.
Thing to do in the autumn: fuck
Thing to do in the winter: fuck in front of a fireplace
In the CD player: pink
Person you talk most on the phone with: depends on the day
Reading: christine feehan book.
Do you regularly check yourself out in store windows/mirrors: nope...i barely look in the mirror before i leave the house
What color is your bedroom: white...boring huh?
Do you use an alarm clock: not really...i used to be a night owl who could sleep all day...lately no matter what time i go to bed i am up between 5 and 7.
Window seat or aisle: window...i dont want to have to get up and down because the fool next to me has a bladder the size of a peanut
What’s your sleeping position: all over...i am a restless sleeper...unless i am in the old mans bed then i am on my side hanging on for dear life to prevent getting pushed out of the bed by the bed hog.
Even in hot weather do you use a blanket: nope...i used to until i moved to the desert now a sheet has to make do
Do you snore: no and anyone who says i do is a liar
Do you sleepwalk: nope but i like to sleep fuck.
Do you talk in your sleep: no and anyone who says i do they are an even bigger LIAR .
Do you sleep with stuffed animals: n ot unless the old man counts as one
How about with the light on: more often than not i fall asleep reading so yes the light is on.
Do you fall asleep with the TV or radio on: nope i always read before helps me unwind
Last interesting person you met: my moms doctor...she really is a cool lady

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'd complain if i was hung with a new rope

So i had my night with the old man last was good BUT i didn't get as much sex as i thought i was going to...i had sent him emails though out the week telling him i basically wanted to get fucked all night long...i also asked him what he wanted me to do...he instructed me to bring my toys(i am not sure why since he has much better toys) and to wear my hair in pig tails...i had family obligations for most of the day so i didn't get over there til after 8...and on the way over i made sure i was listening to the playboy radio show figuring i might as well be hot and bothered when i got there...i was in a short denim skirt, cute panties, a sheer blouse, a black tank top(very low cut), and a red bra...the tank top was so low that the red bra was very visible through the sheer blouse...which i was a little self conscious of with the kids being there but i figured(hoped) that they would just think it was a red tank the kids were up and about for a bit after i got i had to sit up straight and be patient...the skirt was pretty short so if i had laid on the bed when they were in the room they would have gotten a nice view of my barely there pretty i sat up and chatted with them until they went to bed...then i laid down and was messin around on the computer while he sat at his desk and did the same...i of course was waiting for him to rip my clothes off of me and get down to it...i don't know if he does this to make me crazy or if he wants to make sure the kids are deep asleep or what but he basically ignored me for a while...he then went to get in the of course i was thinking "ok here we go" when he came back in the room he sat back at the computer again...i was doing my best to be patient or at least make him think i was being i started catching up on all the blogs i enjoy reading and hadn't been able to lately...of course the blogs i read are all of a sexual nature so i was just getting hornier and hornier and was rubbing my bottom or clit here and there and had 2 little O's...he finally came and laid down on the bed behind me and lifted my skirt to rub my bottom...i was expecting some rubbing and necking and it was a wonderful surprise when he pulled my panties to the side and slide his cock into me...i came in about 15 seconds...his cock just fills me so good...after fucking for a bit like that he got up told me to get naked and walked over to his toy bag...i mentioned i had lube in my toy bag--not wanting him to try to use the plugs with out lube...he told me he had his own...i tried to see what size plug he grabbed but he wouldn't let me of course i knew it was the biggest one...and i tried so hard to take it...i finally called uncle and he told me it was almost in but i couldn't take it he tried a little more but i was pretty insistent on him he did and started to walk over to get a smaller one and i asked which one he used and he told me the biggest...i am pretty sure i called him a he got the small plug and used it...even though i say it was the small one let me tell you it was big...once it was in i received a spanking and came all over again...then the old man started fucking me...feeling the plug and his cock at the same time was just plain heaven...i don't know how many times i came before he told me to get on my back and fucked me with my legs over his shoulders...he pulled out and pulled the plug out only to replace it with his cock...fabulous just doesn't describe how i far as the "kink level" goes with us this was pretty tame...just straight forward anal...make you think you have died and gone to heaven anal...after he came in my ass i turned over and laid on my stomach for some amount of time just enjoying the high...once i could move again i got my nightie out of my bag...i had planned my outfits very carefully which in itself is an oddity...normally i am a wear whatever is most comfortable" type of gal...but i wanted him to get hard just seeing me in each was a very cute blue nightie with a white completely sheer bra peeking out from the top...obviously normally i don't pair a bra with my nighties but i wanted him to see my pink nipples through the white sheer bra and feel the need to pay those nipples lots of attention...we both smoked a cig and i laid back on the bed...when he started loading new apps from his computer onto his phone i got my laptop back on the bed and starting reading blogs again...a few of the blogs i read are very nice enough to post links to porn clips they have enjoyed so i was reading blogs and watching porn while he was playing with his phone...since we had only used the butt plug and no other toy, in addition to the fact that i had written him emails listing lots of nasty things i wanted him to do with me i was sure there were going to be more sessions coming my way...i honestly thought i was going to be tied up at some point(in addition to the sex toys i got for xmas i he gave me lots and lots of rope,) have the belt and/or crop used on me, maybe even be lucky enough to feel the inflatable dildo growing in me....and i just KNEW i was going to get to suck his cock for a long long time...i was hoping for a cream pie but didn't actually expect again i was patient and then he FINALLY got up from the computer but before i could get my hopes up he told me he was tired and going to bed...actually i still had a glimmer of hope that once we got under the covers he would start something...but he didn't...he turned over and went to i read for a bit and then went to sleep as well...i woke up at some point between 5-5:30 and still half asleep thought maybe i could get some before we had to get the kids up at i started rubbing my ass against him hoping to waking him up with a hard initiating sex is an issue between really isn't in my nature to do so and there were two times in the past where i tried and got shot i don't make the first move and he says he wishes i would...if i were fully awake i probably wouldn't have this morning either but i was half asleep and horny as when his only response was to push me out of the bed(i am hoping because he was asleep and is a bed hog not because i was trying to turn him on)i gave up and sat at the desk reading until he woke up...he finally woke up and got out of bed and told me to go back to bed...unless i was reading him wrong i was supposed to go back to bed so we could mess around...however literally as i was two steps away from the bed the alarm went off and he had to go get the kids up...but before he did he laid on top of me and kissed me...of course he thought it was a good idea to get me all hot and bothered right before we woke the kids up...i told him i was disappointed that last night didn't end up being the fuckfest i had imagined and he all day i have had the equivalent of blue balls which i like to call blue ovaries...during the day i had the kids and he called and asked me to spend the night again tonight...i couldn't because i had a family thing...but told him hopefully tomorrow night
So am i a selfish bitch because i am complaining about only having my brains fucked out once in a night?...yeah probably...i just have had a crappy past few months and sex hadn't been a priority...well things are finally settling down and all week all i could think about was the old man doing naughty things to while the sex we did have was mind blowing i wanted more
I will just keep my fingers crossed that tomorrow night can work out...until then i will try to stop my bitching

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

So tonights topic is anal...i enjoy it...a lot...but i have to be warmed up for it most of the time...please give me lots of forplay and some vaginal sex first(and afterwards for that matter)...i am what some might call a pain i enjoy the painful aspect of it...before i have decribed the first few moments of anal as me loving and hating my partner, wanting him to STOP and wanting it to go on forever, the worst pain in the world and the best feeling ever...but in order for me to be in "that" place i need some warming up first...the old man still doesnt understand that if he switches up to anal too soon i pull away from the pain...but if i am 100% warmed up i take the pain and ask for more...i understand anal for him is like a cream pie for me...if he had to only pick one sexual act to do for the rest of his life it would be anal...and i really do love anal too...but only when i am so turned on that the pain enhances the experience instead of interuptting it....and while i do love it i dont want it every time i fuck...since it is the old man's favorite we do it almost every time...good thing for him he loves a pain slut ;)

Our date night is coming up and i am really really hoping he will use the butt plugs i got for xmas and havent ever had the chance to is a set of three sizes...the small looks super big to me...and the big one...OMG...but i have a goal of slowly working my way up to the big one...we have an inflatable dildoe and my goal with that was always to be able to take one more pump than i took the time before....the plugs are the same type of goal...i dont expect it to happen over night but eventually i want to take the big one...i think if we play with them this weekend i am going to name them...make them my

i just hope the night goes well and we get to play and enjoy and moan....and of course i hope i fall asleep with a load of his cum leaking out of my pussy

Ok a quick tmi for ya

please leave a comment if you have questions or comments or just to say hi

1. What are your thoughts on Polyamorous Relationships?

i am not sure...i enjoy bringing others in to play but i am a jealous person and i dont know if i could share the old mans love with another woman....that being said i would rather have that than lying...either to myself or him to me or any lying at all...if there was a situation where lies started being told to "protect" me from feeling jealous i would rather feel my answer is i dont know

2. What is on your list of relationship "deal breakers"?

lying...dont lie to me EVER...i can deal with almost anything if you are honest with me about it.

3. How long did it take you you to find the type "you are into" and/or accept it?

i am just into a dominant man who likes the same kinks i actually took me a long time to accept it...when i first realized i enjoyed pain and being submissive i was living with a man for the first time in my life and i was young and afraid of being "nasty" or too i was afraid to admit what i liked

4. What is your view on full disclosure about past relationships? (Lies of omission not lies of commission)

As long as it is truly in the past what i dont know cant hurt if it will turn me on then you damn well better tell me

5. Have you ever been in a situation where you were not comfortable complying with the adventurous request of a lover?

not really i am pretty up front about what i will absolutely not do and other than those few things i am willing to try anything once