Tuesday, July 28, 2009

this was sent to me today

Yes or No Share

1. You can ONLY answer Yes or No.

2. You are NOT ALLOWED to explain ANYTHING unless someone messages or comments you and asks. -- and believe me, the temptation to explain some of these will be overwhelming nothing is exactly as it seems.Now, here's what you're supposed to do. . . Copy and paste this into your notes, delete my answers, and type in your answers.------- ------- ------- ------- ------- -------

Been arrested? Yes

Kissed someone you didn't like? Yes

Slept in until 5 PM? Yes

Ran a red light? Yes

Been suspended from school? Yes

Experienced love at first sight? No

Totaled your car in an accident? Yes

Been fired from a job? Yes

Fired somebody? Yes

Sang karaoke? No

Pointed a gun at someone? Yes

Done something you told yourself you wouldn't? Yes

Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Yes

Kissed in the rain? Yes

Had a close brush with death (your own)? Yes

Seen someone die? Yes

Played spin-the-bottle? No

Smoked a cigar? No

Sat on a rooftop? Yes

Smuggled something into another country? No

Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? No

Broken a bone? Yes

Skipped school? Yes

Eaten a bug? Yes

Sleepwalked? No

Walked a moonlit beach? Yes

Rode a motorcycle? Yes

Dumped someone? Yes

Lied to avoid a ticket? Yes

Ridden in a helicopter? No

Shaved your head? No

Made your boyfriend/girlfriend cry? Yes

Eaten snake? No

Marched/Protested? Yes

Had Mexican jumping beans for pets? Yes

Puked on amusement ride? Yes

Seriously & intentionally boycotted something? Yes

Been in a band? No

Been on TV? No

Shot a gun? No

Skinny-dipped? Yes

Gave someone stitches? No

Ridden a surfboard? No

Drank straight from a liquor bottle? Yes

Had surgery? Yes

Streaked? No

Taken by ambulance to hospital? Yes

Passed out when not drinking? Yes

Peed on a bush? No

Donated Blood? Yes

Grabbed electric fence? No

Eaten alligator meat? No

Killed an animal when not hunting? No

Peed your pants in public? No

Snuck into a movie without paying? Yes

Written graffiti? No

Still love someone you shouldn't? No

Been in handcuffs? Yes!

Believe in love? Yes

Sleep on a certain side of the bed? Yes

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hi everyone...so i should be over at honey's right now but the evening just didnt go as planned...so instead i am going to blog on here...read some other sexy blogs and then go to bed...alone :( oh well...enough complaining...onto a topic i kind of touched on in an earlier blog...sucking cock...now giving a bj isnt my favorite thing in the world BUT i do want to give pleasure to my man and since he loves getting his cock sucked....well a sucking i will go...but the problem is i am a gagger...if i go nice and slow and work it right i can deep throat with out gagging but when i try to go to fast or he gets forceful i gag...this is a double edged sword...i love when he takes control and fucks my face but the gagging isnt so fun...now i have been with guys who the gagging isnt enough...they fucked my face hard and rough til i threw up...again didnt turn me on so much but i did it because it was what turned them on....but anyways my goal is to be able to get a good old face fucking with out the gagging...so any tips would be appreciated...i am sure the old man will appreciate it as well...also kinda on this subject is swallowing..now i go back and forth on this...when i am in the moment i NEED to swallow his cum...but when the spurting starts i remember i really dont like the taste or and i guess this might be funny or odd to some of you but swallowing his cum has given me heartburn at times...am i alone in this?...and opinions on anything i have brought up?...sorry this isnt a masturbation worthy post but hopefully tomorrow night i will get the fucking i so desperately want and i will be able to put a post up in a couple days telling you all just how he used and abused me

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

what a good weekend

Hi E/everyone

So it was a good weekend...and by that i mean i had nipple clamps, a belt, vibrating cock ring, and a stinging hand were all used on me....so it was a really good fucking weekend...my man and i had been talking/texting about all the things he was going to do to me...and to be honest by the time i was done with all my responsibilities and got over to his house i was exhausted and i really wasn't too in the mood...not that i wasn't in the mood i was just tooooooo tired...but he didn't let that get in the way and i have to admit the energy magically found its way back into my body once he put the nipple clamps on and started tuggin on that wonderful chain...i had put my nightie on and he quickly said oh no those nipples need some clamps on them....so i lifted my little blue nightie up and he made quick work of getting those little metal devices firmly attached...followed by a couple of hard tugs on the chain to make sure they had been properly applied...he had to make sure they were good and tight obviously...i then laid back on the bed and watched as he walked around slowly getting the belt and other things together...but aside from the belt i couldn't really tell what he was gathering...he then ordered me to take my nightie off and to get on my hands and knees on the edge of the bed and proceeded to put the belt to good use...that was followed by me getting face fucked while he was making comments to me like "suck that cock like the whore you are"which of course turned me on EVEN more...i have some bad gag reflexes(which i will go into on another blog) so a gagged and almost vomited a few times as he wrapped my hair in his hand and fucked my face pretty hard...this was followed by him standing at the edge of the bed pounding my cunt doggystyle...there was a casualty in all of this...the hair clip i had in my hair was broken as he grabbed handfuls of it to pull me back onto his cock even further...i have to remember to put that on his tab hee hee...i am pretty sure he got a lot of pent up aggression out in the hard fucking i received and just to make sure i hadn't forgot i was a bad little whore he continued to use the belt on my ass....god nothing in this world feels better than getting my cunt pounded while a belt or strap is being put to use on my ass...just typing about it now has my cunt nice and wet...he then put the belt down and reached down to move some of my cunt juices up to my ass before he started to finger my ass never stopping fucking my dripping wet cunt....by this point i have cum 3 or 4 times...when he could tell i was getting close again he reached around and pulled the clamps hard and wiggled them around driving me mad...so of course i had no choice but to cum on his cock again...he then pulled out and after gasping and immediately whining a very little bit about the emptiness i watched him walk to the bed to lay down...he grabbed a handful of hair again and forced my mouth onto his cock...while i slurped all of my cum off of his cock he started playing with my ass-fingering and spanking...unfortunately i am good at multi tasking at times but when i am cumming isn't one of those times...so when he worked me up to another orgasm i pulled my mouth off of his cock...apparently that was his cue to move back to the end of the bed and start pounding my pussy again...after fingering my ass some more he move his cock from my cunt to my ass...i don't know how it is for most women but the time while he is first pushing his cock into my ass is almost indescribable...it hurts so bad i want him to stop but feels so good i never ever want him to stop...it makes me so angry at him i want to punch him and so in love with him i want to promise to be his slut forever...it is just a tornado of emotions and feelings...i am sure it isn't the same for him...i am sure he is just lost in the feeling of that tight hole spreading for him...another difference between men and women...after punishing me with some anal for a bit he fucks my cunt again...then he stops and i take the break as a chance to down some water(i get very thirsty while fucking) after i am done drinking i look to him and he is standing at his desk with his back to me...i asked him what he was doing and he didn't really answer me...the tiredness i was feeling had caught up to me a bit at this point so i just laid back on the bed...he then walked back to the bed and positioned my legs over his shoulders and slid his cock into my cunt again...this time however he positioned the clit vibrator on the cock ring he had put on onto my clit before he started fucking me again...this is the first time he has used this cock ring while fucking me...we have played with many toys(my fav is the inflatable cock) but never this toy...he had never used anything battery operated on me while his cock was in me...and i have to say i LIKED it...so of course the cock whore i am came again and again...the times i do masturbate that is the only way i can cum...using a bullet vibe on my clit while the rabbit slides in and out of my pussy...but i have to tell you the orgasm with his cock pumping away and the cock ring vibe on my clit out shines any other orgasm i have had...it literally left me dizzy...at one point i literally almost fell of the bed...so by the time the session was over i was literally spent...i slid my nightie back on and drank lots of water and i sat down on the edge of the bed and he looked at me from where he was sitting at the desk and said "you don't think i am done with you yet do you?"...i whined "but i was exhausted before we even started" he asked me if i thought he cared...but we watched some tv...then i laid back to read which is what i always do before i fall asleep...he grabbed me and pulled me to the edge of the bed and said "i told you i wasn't done with you"...it is a good thing i was already/still wet because he just went to town...fucking me hard and fast...switching between grabbing my hair or tits...this session didn't last nearly as long as the other but i still came two times before i was allowed to feel that amazing feeling of his cum shooting into my cunt...i think my man knows how much i love that the orgasm i have from feeling him cum in my pussy will literally leave me shaking beggin him not to touch me for a couple minutes...don't get me wrong i love anal but it doesn't shoot me nearly over the moon when he cums in my ass the way it does when he cums in my pussy...and there are times when i like the way it makes me feel like a true slut when he comes on my face...and i am sure sometimes he likes watching his cum land on my body or face...but ultimately i think the reason he doesn't cum in my cunt very often is he knows it drives me wild and he wants to save that for special fucks...and i know he reads this so he will probably cum in my cunt even less...lol..so that was how we ended the night...i usually head the to restroom and "clean up" after a good hard fucking but last night i laid down and felt his lovely cum leaking out of me all night...the only thing that would have made it even better was if i had woken up with a hard cock pounding me...i do love being woken up for a quick hard fuck before i start my day but that is a topic for another blog

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hello E/everyone

It has been longer since my last blog than i had intended but life just gets in the way sometimes...things are so busy i still havent had a whole lot of sex and the sex i have had hasnt been as kinky as i would have liked it...i am one of those women who really need the loss of control and at least a little pain to really get off a lot...during a good session i will cum many times...the first O often being before he even starts fucking me...all it takes is some nice nipple play and clamps and i start gushing...i guess i am going to sound like a spoiled brat when i say this but it is true...when i only cum once it just isnt a great session for me...and in defence of my man it is mostly my fault...he has had to wait so long in between sessions that i think when my cunt and ass were finally in front of his hard juicy cock the "play" that thrills me were pushed to the back of his mind and he just wanted to fuck me hard and fast...and i love that...dont get me wrong...feeling his hard cock poundin in and out of me is amazing and does make me cum...BUT i have been missing the "play"...the nipple clamps, the hair pulling, the strap being used on my ass, etc...it isnt just the parts i love he was bypassing...my man loves to get his cock sucked by his little slut...we have spent a whole lot of time with his hands wrapped in my hair forcing his cock down my throat...and the last time we fucked i sucked him off for only a few minutes before he told me to get my pussy ready for his cock and got behind me to start pounding away...i dont mean to sound like a whiny little bitch...i am thankful i have gotten any cock from him and i enjoyed the cock i got...i just am missing some of the kink and i cant wait for things to settle the fuck down so i can feel his strap across my ass....i am going to have to make sure i am extra bratty the next time i know we will be fucking to make sure he wants to really punish me

also since i am missing the kink in my life right now i spent last night looking for some kinky porn...wait let me clarify that...kinky FREE porn...since i dont watch porn and masterbate too often i usually just hunt for something on youporn...but last night there just wasnt anything kinky enough on there...they obviously keep everything on there mostly vanilla i am assuming for liability purposes...i couldnt find any free sites...every site i went to because they advertised free porn offered nothing for free...so if anyone knows of any free sites that have something besides vanilla porn i would love to hear from you...til next time i hope you enjoyed reading my blog and i hope your orgasms are fanfuckingtastic

Friday, July 3, 2009

The busyness just never ends...i have so much going on with no end in sight...who knew i was such a good juggler...and who knows maybe one day i can figure out how to squeeze some sex into the mix...masturbating isn't something i do too often but last night i needed the release so i pulled out the toys and DVDs and went to town...so the what i realized is the porn i have on DVDs isn't a huge collection and i wanted some new vids of naughty girls getting spanked and dominated...i had the option of moving my laptop from where i had it set up in the other room into the bedroom and getting something online but i was already going at it and that was just too much interruption...so i used what i had but i did make the mental note to bring the laptop in next time...although hopefully the next time i cum it wont be onto a dildo with the vibe egg on my clit...it will be onto a cock with a vibe egg on my clit

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Starting up

OK after what seems like way too much "set up" i am up and running except for the pictures i have never used picasa before so i am running into a little snafu there but i am sure i will figure it out...i am alone in the office right now and a bit horny with a few naughty thoughts running through my head...i am in a long term relationship and sadly things have been so hectic i haven't been able to get the good hard fucking i need...i really need a strap taken to my ass and some good old fashion hair pulling...but after work i have about 752 things to get done so i wont get any tonight either...in fact it might be the weekend before i am able to get the session i need...i know for some masturbation is an acceptable substitute but i have a hard time getting into it except for rare occasions ...i would love to hear back from anyone who has any ideas to spice up the masturbation sessions