Wednesday, October 7, 2009

If my bosses only knew

Happy hump day :D...i am sitting in the chair trying to focus on my work which is a tad difficult because i am facing the chairs across the desk from mine that the old man bent over yesterday afternoon...this was the first time we have had sex at this last job was much easier to have sex...actually the first time the old man and i had sex it was in the break room of my last job when the guys were all out...thinking back on it it makes me chuckle because i wasn't even a little bit quiet and the walls in the business complex the shop was located in were very thin...the insurance company that shared a wall with the shop got an earful that day
Since i changed jobs pretty close to the beginning of this year i haven't had sex at work...first off i am alone in the office much less with this job and the few times i have been the old man's schedule wouldn't allow for him to come fuck me...but yesterday all the stars aligned and he headed down...unfortunately while the last shop had a couch in the break room this shop does not
we went to the back and i got down and started sucking like a good girl should ;) but since we knew we didn't have unlimited time he quickly grabbed my hair and told me to remove my pants...we started out withe me bent over a stool and i came a few times but the stool was really too high for comfort(i am a very short gal...i don't even hit 5') and we couldn't find anything for me to stand on to boost me up...the way my work is laid out is when you walk in the front door you see my desk and to the side is a door that leads to the president and vice president's offices and straight back is the shop area...the stool we used was back in the shop but when we decided to find a better object to bend me over we ended up back in my office area with me bent over one of the reception chairs...the windows and door of the office are tinted so we could see out but it is harder to see back in...and i locked the door but there was still the thrill of someone might catch us
through out this i was answering text messages from both the president and vice president...let me tell you it was very hard to text the right words when i was getting it also made it hotter for me
we took a small break while i looked up some info the boss needed and the old man snooped around the shop...then it was back to work...and by work i mean feeling his wonderful cock slide in and out of my cunt while he spanked me with his hand
there wasn't as much spanking as usual because of the noise concerns but there was enough to let me feel that warmth that spreads through my body
tonight i should get my REAL homecoming session...complete with hand spanking, belt spanking, hair pulling, corner time, etc etc etc...after being away on my trip and not getting any for so long i need a really good session and i am sure he does too

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

bullet proof vests and travel sex

Bullets are flying around the work place none of them are aimed at me but it always worries me when the powers that be get grumpy in this economy...i am already only working 30 or so hours a week instead of 40 and the business is coming into our slow season...i am just praying i dont get laid off...oh well only thing i can do it stay out of the line of fire and keep my fingers crossed

onto something fun...i am going on a trip at the end of the week...i was waffling about going or not-due to the above mentioned lack of job security and lack of funds...there is an event with all of my close friends that i really want to attend and another friend's family is going through a rough time so it would be nice to be able to throw them some the age old fight between the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other should ensued...ok i don't really have an angel on one should but i have a slightly more responsible devil on that should instead...and while i believe a person needs to take care of their responsibilities if you don't have a little fun along the way then why even i decided that i would scrape together the money and give myself the break

so onto the spanko/sexy portion of the blog...because i have to put something about spanking and sex in right? the old man isn't going on this trip but it has me thinking about sex and spanking while traveling...the last trip we went on was the mini vaca i posted about on here where i got a quickie in the bathroom and that was all...the trip before that was to an old family friends while staying in a hotel i think the sex absolutely is kinkier and wilder...but i really don't like to have sex in someone else's house...i am always afraid they will know and it will embarrass me...but the old man got me hot and bothered so i caved and let him fuck me...but it was the quiet, bite your lip instead of making any noise and definitely no spanking because it would be too loud kind of sex
Now if people are visiting me it doesn't bother me if they have sex in my house...and i have friends who's children were conceived in my house...and none of that bothers me...i am just too shy to do anything loud enough for anyone to hear in a house that isn't mine(or the old mans)
So do you agree disagree...know any tricks of the trade to be sneaky about it...just not care about it...etc
ps please do the poll on the right side of the blog

Saturday, September 26, 2009

big ole stupide meanie head

So the old man is a big ole stupid meanie head...i am probably getting into trouble writing that...but if i wrote the other descriptive words i was thinking i would REALLY be in trouble....last night started out well...we were supposed to head off to the movies but i was feeling kinda lazy so when i got to his place i told him if he didn't want to go we didn't have he went and got a package of clothespins and started attaching them...first came the nipples...obviously i loved that but if given the choice i would take nipple clamps over clothespins--they just squeeze tighter I think...then he started attaching them clothespins to my cunt this point i am soaking wet...the old man proceeds to fuck my face for a bit...him standing at the edge of the bed with me on all fours on the bed...while i am sucking him of he spanks me...maybe one day i will be able to keep sucking when i am getting spanked but i am not there yet...i still stop sucking to yell out when i get the old man got the belt and went to town using it on me...with me squirming and yelling/moaning he proceeded to turn my ass red hot...this all turned into rough, nasty, hair pulling, shoulder/ear/neck biting, ass spanking sex...Our normal is usually to stick with oral and vaginal sex during round one of the night as long as we know there is going to be more than one round...this night was no different...after round one the old man removed the clothespins which of course brought a new wave of pain and made me ready for round 2 old man went to his desk to smoke...i threw my nightie on and he shook his head and informed me he wasn't done with me...eventually i grabbed a cigarette and went and straddled his leg so my wet cunt lips were against his bare thigh…..he rubbed my ass through my nightie and commented on how hot it was from my spanking….it really was very hot to the touch which means I was still feeling that wonderful stinging...i am not smoking a lot anymore...almost the only time i do it is after/during sex with the old man so i couldn't finish a whole i squirmed around on his leg a little bit before i put out my smoke and i went and laid back down...when he was ready for me again he made his way to the bed, laid down behind me, roughly threw my leg up in the air and positioned his cock at my cunt and started pumping away...every now and then he smacked my upper thigh/lower ass or pinched my lube is a constant point of contention between us...obviously i want lube used in anal sex and he says it feels better if we dont use he started using my cunt juices-by this point i dont even know how many times i had cum-to work his fingers into my ass...he repositioned me doggy style on the edge of the bed and started moving back and forth between my cunt and ass....he would push in my ass a little til i screamed out and he would move his tick cock back to my cunt for a few strokes and repeat...soon he was full fledged fucking my ass...i have described this before...when he fucks my ass so hard and ruthlessly i feel both hatred and love for him...i want him to quit it and never stop all at the same some point of him using my ass i looked back over my shoulder at him and grunted "i hate you" to him...which of course only made him fuck me harder...still while looking over my shoulder i asked him how much he loved bringing me pain...he didn't respond verbally but he went at it even some point he choked me till i passed out and collapsed down still on my knees but my face and chest flat on the bed...when i came back to he was still just fucking me hard and fast...of course i that i only breathe when he lets me just gets me so horny...just typing about it right now has me soaking when this session was done he ran out to the store and when he came back i had the tv on a channel waiting for a program to start and I may have dozed off a teeny bit…well Mr I Must Be In Charge of the TV and Remote changed the channel to a movie i would never ever watch…when i told him to change it he said i was sleeping so he could watch whatever he wanted…i told him i didn’t want a scary movie on even when i was sleeping..i am a super duper wuss…anyways this conversation woke me up and i look over at the screen and he is chatting away in im with a female…i got super irritated…he should have been laying in bed with me not talking to some other female……grrrr…i don’t care if this is irrational it is how i feel…so i got all pouty and decided to just go to bed…this all happened at like midnightish…so at 2am!!!!! When he comes to bed and i realize how late it is i get even more pouty…he tried to snuggle with me a little and i make it clear i am not in the mood for snuggling…so he starts spanking me…now most times even when i am upset with him i am ALWAYS in the mood to get spanked and get some of his yummy cock…so i start getting wet and he spanks me some more…and then he turns over and goes to sleep…..leaving me literally all hot and bothered…so of course instead of being able to fall back asleep i am up and hot and bothered and pissed…i really didn’t go back to a good sleep for the rest of the night i was just dozing and waking up all night long and it is all his fault and now i am at work with blue ovaries…and even though i am mad at him i am wishing he were here bending me over my desk making me hate him all over again….sigh…well tomorrow i think i will be staying there and he better pull out all the stops…i want us to play with his whole arsenal…belts, straps, floggers, vibes, clamps, clothespins, and hopefully the tens unit...i want to be put in the corner, spanked, bitten, tied up, etc etc etc …of course i probably shouldn’t get my hopes up but i will keep you all updated...i am going to post a poll about anal and lube please vote for your preferences

Thursday, September 17, 2009

further explanation

i must add an explanation to yesterdays blog...lets say there are 5 levels of being stressed and pissed...ranging from a 1 being annoyed to a 5 where you want to tear peoples heads for levels 1, 2 &3 sex is a good fix...the release is awesome and a great way of getting your mind off of things...but if you are at a 4 or 5--wait let me clarify--if i am at a 4 or 5 that is when i cant get into sex...and lately things have been a 4 or 5...but hopefully it things are going to settle down fact since the birthday is only 3 days a way i am going to make damn sure things are at least settled enough for me to have a good time...i really do plan on blogging some more tonight when i get home

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ok so its been a minute since i have blogged...there has been an illness in the family...this is a good example of the difference between men and women...with women(well me at least) all of the mental stuff truly affects the sexual stuff...when i have all this drama and worry in my life i just am not in the mood...and at times i can force myself to fake it for the old mans sake but it just is for his sake and does nothing for me...but the old man could deal with just about anything or anyone and still put it all out of his mind long enough to have sex at least once if not more
So onto something more birthday is days away...4 to be exact...woo hoo..i like to refer to it as the best day ever!....i always do a family thing on my actual birthday so the old man and i will celebrate the Friday night instead of Saturday...i am sure i will get spanked 29 times because of course i am only 29 years old ;)...i actually am past the age of having huge birthday blow outs...nice quiet times with friends and family is more of how i like to celebrate
Now no girl in her right mind no matter how old or young doesn't like presents...however i am not too horribly materialistic about it...every year some of my adopted nieces and nephews will find the cleanest stuffed animal in their closets and the wrap it up all by themselves and it is one of my favorite presents to get every for the presents i get from adults i just want thought put into the present...of course if the present is shiny and sparkly that isn't so bad long as it is something more thoughtful than a farmers almanac i am good...but my question to you out there in kinky spanko land is do you like/expect/not like toys for your birthday...either spanko or sex toys...with me it depends on the toy...if it is something i have been really wanting then i will of course enjoy it...but i also don't want the old man to get me a toy HE really wants and then trying to pass it off as something for me...i guess that goes back to the as long as there is thought put into it i love any present

ok i am off to read a blog or two before i go to bed...time to catch up on everyones blogs

Thursday, September 10, 2009

soooooo sleepyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

so i am in the midst of a bout with insomnia...i have been unable to fall asleep easily...for the past week i have been tossing and turning trying to fall asleep..i have tried to read myself to sleep which usually works for me...i have tried to bore myself to sleep...i have tried to count naked men jumping over a fence(because who really wants to count sheep) has just sucked...and then when i fall asleep i havent been sleeping the whole night just sucks
i am a girl who needs my has even been said(of course i dont believe this) that i am grumpy when i dont get enough i havent felt much like blogging or masturbating...but last night i figured maybe i will just masturbate and cum and that will help me luck
i have a perscription that will knock me out but the problem is i am always useless and still way too drowsy the next day so i cant take it when i have work...i hope tonight something changes and i can sleep...or i might commit murder....ok well not murder but i am sure i am "this close"*holding up thumb and forefinger very close together* to getting into trouble with the old man
well i am going to go finish up my work for the day...maybe when i get home i will blog and get nice and turned on and then be able to sleep well*fingers crossed*

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

unrelated topic

just a quickie from work...i dont know how many of you are fans fo the FX TV show Sons of Anarchy...but the season premire last night was so dark and twisted and contained things i would have never was amazing...i am going to go home after work and rewatch it...maybe i will blog after

Monday, September 7, 2009

here i sit on a bruised bottom

So the end of a long weekend has was a bit of a stressful weekend...all of the legal hassles we have going on on the forefront of my mind...hopefully one day it will all be over onto the spanking i received that has me sitting on a bruised bum :)...i got over to the old mans place and we did dinner and a movie with the kids...a movie in mind you...taking three kids out to the movies is such an undertaking that we hardly attempt it...especially since the old man is good at getting current movies off of the internet...much cheaper that way
Anways once the kiddies went to bed we had to do some running around cleaning up a situation that had upset him earlier in the day...a family member had caused an upset and it had the old man in a mood...which i constantly had to remind him not to take out on me...grrrrr...i don't mind getting snapped at if i have done something wrong...ok well that was a lie...i hate getting snapped at any time but ESPECIALLY when it isn't my fault he is in his mood...and of course i am such an angel i never take my moods out on him *fingers halo above head* so he shouldn't take his moods out on me
So i don't know if it was because he wanted to calm down or make me wait or he just wasn't in the mood yet but once we got back he ignored me for a loooong time...and you know how much i just love being ignored *sarcasm alert* i watched what i wanted on tv...oh yeah i actually had control of the remote for a little bit - progress huh?.....then i read and then i fell be woken up to getting my ass spanked...which let me tell you is not a bad way to wake fact the only way i can think of that i like better is to wake up with a cock deep in it isn't that he was waking me up that way that bugged was why did he wait til i had been asleep for an hour before he decided to play...oh well i shouldn't be complaining i really did enjoy getting laid
As i said he woke me up bringing his hand down on my bottom...he then instructed me to strip and service him...while i was stripping he grabbed the belt and as i was sucking his cock he was using the belt on me...every time he would strike me i would pull my mouth off of his cock to yell and he started grabbing my hair and forcing me to keep my mouth on his cock as he used the belt on me...which was very hard for of course i loved it
He then turned me around and began to give me the spanking i had been patiently waiting for...and every time he would make contact i would squirm...he tried to hold me still but let me tell you i am super squirmy when getting a spanking...i cant help it...while the spanking and the pain turns me on and make me feel like i am being truly controlled it still hurts!!!!!! i don't know if my inability to stay still bothers the old man or if he likes that i cant sit still
So after the spanking and sex that followed i laid and rubbed my bum for a was very hot and of course i was feeling all satisfied and happy...i read some more and fell asleep again while the old man dicked around on the computer....i vaguely remember him turning off my reading light and getting into bed...and then i distinctly remember him spanking me a spanking on a bottom that already is sore hurts wayyyyyyy more than the initial he spanked me some more...there was more spanking, sucking and fucking and i when i fell asleep my bottom was on fire and i was a happy little girl
It is amazing how a spanking can make my world if i could only get it

Friday, September 4, 2009

keep your fingers crossed for us please

Hi there...this isn't going to be a spanking blog so much as just a venting blog family is involved in a bullshit ass situation with a bitch who used to be part of the family(through marriage) She has made horrible and ugly accusations against us and though in this country you are supposed to be innocent til proven guilty this isn't the case...when spiteful worthless cunts know how to work the system you find yourself trying to make the powers that be believe that it is all a rash of shit...if someone looks at the situation logically it should be easy to see that she is a lying vengeful bitch...she literally tried two other times to drag us through the mud and when that didn't work she upped the ante and made the most vile accusations she could think of...hopefully when the time line is laid out and we prove her a liar on many of the issues the judge will realize this is just her grasping at straws and throw out the remaining baseless claims that boil down to our word against hers...but unfortunately it basically is going to be a he said she said type thing and who ever the judge believes is going to be the victor...i know "right" is on our side but i am worried because she is a very good bullshit artist and people like to believe her initially...i have seen it over and over with her where she will get a new friend and snow them playing the "oh pity me i am an angel who happens to be a vitcim too" and then after about 6 months she cant keep all of her lies straight and the friends realize what a piece of shit she is and they end the friendship...unfortunately we don't have six month to convince the judge what a liar she i head of to court with my fingers crossed asking all of you to send your good thoughts, prayers, and good juju our way

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Me a brat?...NEVER

i have a plan...i am going to hide the old man's belt and his bag-o-fun...he was a big meanie head and he fell asleep last night before we could he may have fallen asleep because he has been working super duper hard...with the nature of his job he has calls after hours often in the middle of the he may or may not have been tired due to that but i dont care*stomps feet* since he slept instead of playing he obviously doesn't need his toys right?...those of you who agree please leave comments...and if you don't agree don't leave a comment because he reads this and he will use it against me*giggle*

i obviously am in a playful mood and i have to amuse myself somehow right? really none of this can come back on me as my fault...right?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is texting a weapon

Question of the you use texting, emailing, dirty little notes, or even smoke signals as a weapon...maybe weapon is the wrong word...i will through out the day send the old man naughty text messages...i do it for many turn him on, to turn me on, to let him know i am thinking of him, to get him all worked up, and sometimes even to get him sexually frustrated when i know he wont be seeing me to get some relief...if he actually took lunch to work i would leave little sexy note or pics in his lunch box...i make sure to send him naughty emails or cards from kinkycards so he gets to find those little surprises in his in box every now and then...i think it is fun and cute stuff
However i just got yelled at a little bit(mostly just him joking) because i sent him a text when i knew he was driving that said i should be giving him road head right now...he called and asked if i was trying to distract him so he caused an accident...hee hee
I never even really thought of my texts, emails, kinkycard, etc as bratting but now i kinda do and it is just going to make me do it the worst that can happen...a spanking?wooo hooo
He doesn't do that kind of thing very often for me...i wish he would but i understand that while i sit at a desk every day he is on top of, inside of, or underneath cars all day getting dirty doing "mans work" so his work really isn't conducive to him sending me texts...but if you are reading this old man---it wouldn't kill ya to send me a text or kinkycard every now and then
So in your opinion...because i do value my spanko friends sending these texts and other messages bratting?...and even if it is should i stop or continue

Monday, August 31, 2009

So the A/C is fixed at the old man's i just have to find time to get over there...i am going to do my very best to get over there tonight or tomorrow but i just dint know when i am going to be able to swing it...but when i do i am trying to convince him that since he was a grumpy meanie head that i should get to control the tv and what we watch...the back story on this is 99.9% of the time when we are watching tv he picks what we watch on tv...we have very different taste about what tv shows we like...i like good shows and he likes super lame shows...he is very into Sci Fi...i have expanded my horizons a little...after giving it a shot i truly enjoy the SciFi/BBC show Torchwood...but the last night i was over he had a show that was titled Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus...not a movie i would be into unless i was getting paid good money to watch it...but when he puts on something lame i just read

Now this past weekend the old man was a grumpy old man...he was snappy and mean...i realize that it was because of his frustration and anger over the A/C unit but i didn't appreciate it being directed at me...and if the rolls were reversed and i was snappy with him i would find myself feeling the sting of the belt...even when he was trying to not be grumpy he was a meanie head..the other night he was going to smoke a cig and come in and watch tv with me...45 minutes later(it apparently was one super long cigarette) i was watching a show on marijuana on one of the cable news channels...he came and sat down for 4 minutes and then got up and walked the show was almost over anyways so i watched the end and then went looking for him...his excuse for leaving was he didn't want to watch what i was i started getting really isn't fair that i watch his stupid crap all the he told me to sit and we would find something we both wanted...that lasted about 30 minutes til he during his channel surfing(are all men allergic to commercials?) he saw the movie Constantine was on...he asked if i had seen it and i said no it is lame...well despite my calling the movie lame he decided to watch the movie i made one more comment about not liking the movie to no i left

Between his snapping, grumpiness, rudeness, and selfishness i think he has a punishment coming his i suggested that his punishment be me having control of the tv the next time i am there...he doesn't agree...but why shouldn't he have some sort of punishment imposed when he is a meanie?

This is all just me venting...even if somehow i got him to agree that i be allowed control of what is on the telly he would just make sure it was one of the nights where we spent far more time fucking or playing than watching tv

I know those of you who read this who are more submissive than i am are thinking he should have control over the tv and anything else whenever he wants...some of you probably think we should have equal say in matters like this...the thing is i don't mind allowing him the control most of the time...but every now and then it would be nice if he were the one to that asking too much?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nice Bumper Sticker

Cause who doesnt love roadhead

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Fun quick meme borrowed/stolen from a fun page that again i dont know how to link to
1. Is there anyone on your blogroll you would have sex with?in theory yes...there are quite a few gals on here who i would love to play with but none of them live anywhere near me and the old man
2. Sex in the morning, afternoon or night?morning please please please
3. Have you ever had to pull over on the side of the road to puke?no but i have had to pull over to the side of the road for a friend to puke...i dont drink so i am always the DD
4. Have you ever taken your clothes off for money?No but i am going to work on getting the old man to start paying me for taking the clothes off ;)
5. Shower or bath while having sex? unless you have a super sized bathtub that might as well be considered a hot tub then there just isnt enough room in the tub so shower sex please
6. Do you want someone aggressive or passive in bed?be aggressive be be aggressive *said like the football cheer from high school*
7. Do you love someone on your blogroll?no but i like them an awful lot
8. Love or Money?i dont wish to choose
9. Credit cards or cash?credit/debit cards are so much easier but cash is wiser
10. Have you ever wanted a best friend?i have a few of them and i thank god for them everyday
11. Camping or a 5 star hotel?both are great
12. Where is the weirdest place you have had sex?
this question reminds me of the newlywed game years ago when they asked a bride this question and her answer was "the butt"
13. Would you shave your entire body (including your head)?i dont wish to be uncle fester
14. Have you ever been to a strip club?i live in vegas...enough said
15. Ever been to a bar?seriously does anyone answer no to this
16. Ever been kicked out of a bar or a club?nope quite the opposite actually...good friends own a dive bar that i frequent and strangers come in there and will get tired of our groups "playful ways" and make comments or complain and they get told they will be asked to leave before we will
17. Ever been so drunk someone else had to carry you?one time in my life...and that was when i stopped drinking
18. Had sex in a movie theater?not full out sex...i have given a hand job and gotten fingered and other groping
19. Had sex in a bathroom?yup...a tad hard since i am so short
20. Have you ever had sex at work?yes :D
21. Ever been to an adult store?mmm hmmmm
22. Bought something from an adult store?i have but these days i usually do it online...cheaper and less of an ordeal
23. Have you been caught having sex?*blushes*
24. Does anyone have naughty pics of you?none that show my face
25. Ever had sex with someone and called them by the wrong name?yes but in my defense i was 95% asleep during the sex(yeah he was that exciting) and i didn't know anyone named the name i did call the boyfriend

hot hot hot

Hi everyone...ok so the update on the didn't really go down as either of had planned...i am sure i have mentioned it before but we live in Vegas and we are dealing with temps even a bit higher than normal...i believe today will top out at around 110...why do i bring this up when i am talking about the punishment i was to receive on Thursday...well i am glad you asked...the A/C at the old man's place went out...well not his whole place...he has one unit that is just for where we sleep and another unit for the kids bedrooms and living room and all the unit for the room we sleep in went out and this affected the evening hugely
When i walked into the bedroom to put my bag and purse down right when i got there he grabbed the dipstick and told me to bend over...i giggle and told him no and tried to get out of his reach...he was too fast...he grabbed my arm up and twisted it behind my back and pushed me over the edge of the bed...just from that i was instantly wet...i love when he manhandles me like that...when that dipstick made contact boy oh boy did it hurt...even through my shorts it stung bad...which basically mean i was super turned on and looking forward to my punishment...but we had to run to the store and stuff
So when we got back and finally went to the bedroom for the night he started out ignoring me...he knows this makes me crazy...once the kids are down and things are settled i get into my nightie which is my signal to him that i am ready for the playing to i changed and laid down on the bed...he was smoking and messin around on the computer...and either he really didn't hear me as a few questions or he was purposely ignoring i gave up and decided to accept that he was ignoring me as part of my punishment and just wait...i had almost given up and figured between the broken A/C pissing the old man off and not wanting to get even sweatier had changed his of course once i give up and think it isn't going to happen it happens
But instead of the drawn out punishment that he had planned he just gave me a normal spanking and then fucked me oh so was one of the times when after he came in my cunt i just kept orgasming...i don't know why this only happens when he cums in my cunt but i kept cumming and literally shaking long after he is done cumming...and right when he was done he moved to the desk to get a cig to smoke...which is pretty normal but he went back to basically ignoring me
I have the traditional love/hate relationships with my punishments...i dread and hate them while loving and needing i love and hate spankings and i love and hate nipple torture and i love and hate getting face fucked and i love and hate him pulling my get the point...but i HATE/HATE when he ignores me...and of course he knows that and institutes it in my when he went back to ignoring me while i was STILL cumming i knew how mad he was about the whole situation..normally he would have cuddled with me until i came down off of the high and then gone to smoke or whatever
But anyways we go to sleep or at least i try to...i can not sleep when i am hot...i tried my hardest to sleep but at 4 am i told honey i needed to go home so i could sleep...he wasn't really happy with me but he know i cant sleep in the all day Friday he kept talking about how i wasn't done with my punishment...and i argued back that there was a 24 statute of limitations on punishment and since he had already spanked me for the whole coworker bullshit then he couldn't punish me anymore...he laughed and said i could think whatever i wanted but it didn't matter
So i headed over last night thinking we would continue the punishment...when i got there he was working on the A/C so i kept the kids busy and mostly calmed down(except for a few fits) to keep them out of his way...things weren't going well with the A/C so he spent literally 3 hours wrenching on it...every time i would say anything to him he would jump my shit and snap at i just stopped talking to him..i sent the kids to bed around 10 and waited for him to come get me from the living room...he told me he was going to take a shower and apparently i fell asleep while he was in the shower...when i woke up at midnight i went into check on him and to be honest i was grumpy that he hadn't come to get me out of the living i turned around and went back to the living room...a short while late he came in and sat on the being grumpy kinda scooched away from him...he wasn't having it so he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me over to him...i gave in and laid back against his didn't take long before his hand made its way down my shirt to my nipples and he had me squirming and panting on the couch
After getting all revved up on the couch he instructed me to get naked on the we quickly made our way to the HOT bedroom...i got naked and was on the bed and i had to get in the position on the edge of the bed and watch him walk to the toy bag and get out his belt...he then started using the belt on me and started reminding me why i shouldn't be a bad girl...the pain was starting to be too much so i turned and started sucking his cock hoping he would stop using the belt on me if i was giving him worked a little...he slowed down the belt action but didn't stop it...he then moved me into doggy position and started fucking me while he continued using the belt on me
We don't have a safe word or anything...he just kinda stays in tune to my body and reaction and knows when to draw the line...well he was making sure everytime the belt came into contact with my skin i knew that it was a punishment and not just sex play...when i was coming close to my limit pain wise i started promising him i would be a good girl...he would move the area(usually just by changing the cheek he was focusing on) he was using the belt on till he pushed me to promising i would be a good girl all over even though it isn't a "safeword" he knew it was my signal that i was getting close to the edge
The fucking continued and changed to anal...mean, angry, remind me he is in charge was come choking and smacking and just rough wonderful sex
by the time we were done i was literally dripping sweat...and i know normally on a Friday night we would have kept playing...the old man is good for at least 2 sometimes up to 4 rounds...but it was so hot we were just the punishment was much shorter than it would have been had the A/C actually been working
Lately this blog has been more of a comedy of sex errors than a hot sexy diary of my sex life...first the mattress that wouldn't stay put causing me to get fucked out of the bed 2 times in one the A/C has stopped working in the desert causing what should have been great hot sweaty long sex into great really hot and really sweaty shorter sex...but hey that is life...hopefully the A/C will be fixed this week and the temps will drop and we can go back to working up a sweat instead of starting out in one...hopefully you laughed and maybe even got a little turned on reading about this...i would say i think the worst of the punishment is over but i think all of this delay is just going to make the main event that much more intense

Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Fill In

i got this friday fill in from Views From the Back tired to write the wrap up of last night right now

1. He was a meanie head.

2. Cool weather coming is what I look forward to most this time of year.

3. My best friend is fucking awesome.
4. I am a good girl to be honest with you.

5. Appearances can be yummy.

6. The last person I gave a hug to was the old man.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to watching Monk, tomorrow my plans include hopefully getting laid and Sunday, I want to get laid some more and have a nice breakfast!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

what a can of worms

So what i didn't think was a huge deal has come back to bite me in the ass(probably literally later tonight) the old man got home yesterday and read the blog and boy was he pissed...i think firstly because i didn't tell him right away when the co-worker smacked my ass with the clipboard...if you don't know what i am talking about it is in yesterdays blogs...the reason i didn't tell him was i didn't think i was a HUGE deal...i was more worried about the coworkers knowing about my kinks than the actually smack on the ass...i guess i just assumed his thinking would be the same as mine...boy was i wrong...and that thinking is another reason he is pissed...he is mad because "i assumed there was nothing wrong with what had happened and assumed he wouldn't be upset"...he asked me if it were flipped if i would be pissed and after thinking about it admitted i would be...not because i would be worried if he would cheat...i already mentioned i told him a long time ago if he wishes to play with another chick i am ok with that as long as he is honest and upfront with i would be mad for the same reason that he is...that i took too long to tell him and didn't handle it the way he would have wanted me to...but at least i know he doesn't think i did anything to invite or provoke the coworker

So after a long talk last night this is how i think things stand...he isn't mad at me, he is frustrated with the situation and not pleased about the way he found out about it or how long it took him to find out about it...i was instructed to tell the coworker in no uncertain terms that what he did isn't ok and if it happens again my old man will "rip his head off"...that was a bit of an awkward conversation but at least it is over with...the old man also wants me to inform one of my bosses of what happened so it can go down on record...i haven't done this yet for a couple reasons...first i wanted to have the conversation with the coworker before i told the boss about it so i could tell the boss i handled it i was just letting her know what had happened...second i am waiting for the right time i don't want to seem like a trouble maker and i don't want to be making any waves that might come back and drown me later...i will tell her because i promised the old man i would but i also told him i had to tell her in my own way and time
Tonight i will be going over to receive my punishment and i don't think it is going to be pretty...he called me a little while ago and i was unable to answer because i was on the phone with a customer and the message he left was short and simple "oh so you aren't answering the phone...just more meat for the grinder"...i know he understands when i cant talk at work i think he is just trying to prepare me for tonight...and i am anticipating and dreading it all at the same time...i have a feeling there is going to be anything from being tied up or handcuffed to being spanked with many many items to corner time to worst of all being ignored after he has worked me up to a frenzy...or who knows maybe he will just want to cuddle with and watch tv anything is possible-- me right honey?..the one thing i am very sure of is i am going to be sitting on a warm bum for a few days

I emailed him the link to MBS to watch the funny video she posted(i wish i knew how to include links in my blogs so i could send you over to view it) before i realized i was in big was a big mistake...he is a mechanic and conveniently has found two dipsticks to bring home...all day long i have heard about the dipsticks...if only i hadn't sent him that

So overall things have worked out ok...i just had no idea what a can of worms i was opening by blogging about being worried a coworker knew i was not as vanilla as i want them all to believe...i am not working tomorrow so i am sure i will have plenty of time to share with you all exactly what my punishment consisted of...for everyone who shared their advice and support both through comments on the blog and emails i thank know we kinky folk may like things a little(or a lot) different than "regular" folk but i have come to find you are mostly a great bunch of people who are willing to help out the people in this crazy community

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the unenjoyable swat update

UPDATE....because of a message i was sent i figured i had better tell the old man what was going on because every now and then he reads the blog and i didn't want him reading it and finding out that way...i hadn't told him because i didn't think he would care one way or the honestly never occurred to me til a helpful message was sent my way...but i am on the phone right now hearing "of course i care...that ass is mine to smack and why would you want him smacking your ass anyways"..of course i don't want the guy smacking my ass...but i cant speak completely freely with him since i am in the office...looks like i am gonna have some slpainin to do...i am not too worried...the old man has heard some of the stories about this coworker so he knows i would never go there...but there might be in for a small punishment for not telling him when it happened

As for the coworker he hasnt acted any different is a slow day for us so he has been around the shop a lot bugging me about watching my tv shows online as i do paperwork, asking me to help hold a piece of metal he was drilling, making me check the standings of his team on espn dot com, etc etc nothing out of the ordinary...i probably wont say anything til he either brings it up or does it again...then i will lay the law down...dont want anything going on that will upset the old man...or me for that matter

a swat i didnt enjoy...i know hard to believe

So i have told you guys in spankoland that i keep this side of me private in my every day life...well at least i thought i did a good job of that...but something that happened towards the end of work yesterday has me wondering...i work in a shop type place where the guys come in in the morning and i send them out to different locations to make repairs and i usually only see them in the morning...since there is only one other female who works with me in the office through out the day and our office/shop isn't located in the best neighborhood we keep the office doors is great to ignore people knocking on the locked glass door looking at me to open it and not having to let them in....sooooo anyways one of the guys had to come back to the office yesterday towards the end of the day to bring me some mullah and i saw him pull i got up to unlock the door for he was walking in behind me he took his metal storage clipboard box thingy and whacked me across the ass with it pretty hard...i was shocked and my only response was which his response was "you know you like it" i don't know if he at some point saw a window open on my computer or something and knows about my spanking kink or if he just took as shot in the dark...but i am a bit worried about it...i just like this side of my life to be private and not have my coworkers all know about it...and even if i wasn't in love and going to spend the rest of my life with the old man this guy would never ever be a possibility...he is a sleazy old man...i like my old man way i am not sure what i should do next...should i just pretend it never happened...i am not really worried about this guys of the first stories i was told about him was about the time a chick tied him up naked in a motel room for some sex play, started a fire while smoking some drugs and left him tied up in the burning motel room for the firemen and police to we are talking about a guy who must have a lot of kinks...i am more worried about #1 him telling anyone else #2 him thinking i want him in any way #3 him thinking i want to talk about my sex life with him...sooooooooooo do i just ignore it and if he brings it up act stupid or do i bring it up first and set some kind of boundaries or do i just wait for him to bring it up and act like it is no big deal...i am kind of leaning that way just because i think if i make it a big deal either by acting stupid like i don't know what he is talking about or bringing it up first he is going to zero in on it and make it a huge deal to get under my skin...let me know what you think

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

no sleep for me

i wish i was sleeping right now...well sleeping or being spanked...i am just babbling...lack of sleep will do that to ya

Sunday, August 23, 2009

This one has been floating around...i don't remember who i borrowed it from but thanks :)

Would you rather be spanked outside in a cold woodshed or inside by a cozy fire? by the fire to start with but if my rump gets too warm i might wanna go sit in the snow

Would you rather be spanked in public or in private? i am too much of a prude to have it in public

Would you rather fantasize about spanking or actually be spanked? Is this really a choice...gotta have the real thing

Would you rather be spanked for your humiliation or for your spanker's pleasure? My humiliation brings him pleasure

Would you rather be spanked by hand or by hairbrush? Brush

Would you rather be spanked by belt or by cane?belt PLEASE

Would you rather be spanked by paddle or riding crop? paddle

Would you rather be restrained or unrestrained during your spanking?i don't like being restrained because i am a squirmer

Would you rather be spanked until you cried or until you are aroused?i am always aroused as soon as i see him getting the belt or as soon as his hand lands on my bottom the first time

Would you rather have just a red bottom or welts/bruises? i like running my hands over the welts after the spanking

Would you rather be spanked for the naughty things you have done or just because you enjoy the experience?either...sometimes i am extra bratty to ensure a spanking

Would you rather be spanked with pants up/skirt down or pants down/skirt up? skirt up

Would you rather be spanked with panties up or panties down? i am never given the choice

Would you rather be spanked somewhat clothed or entirely naked? i like to be clothed with just the bum exposed

Would you rather your spanking be strictly disciplinarian or sexually attractive in nature? Any spanking makes me wet and i don't think he could spank me with out fucking me after either

Would you rather be spanked by a male or by a female?the old man

Would you rather be cuddled or scolded after your spanking? depends on why i got the spanking in the first place

Would you rather be spanked OTK or bent over a table/chair? bent over

Would you rather your spanker have physical contact with you?yes

Would you prefer to be spanked in the woods with a tree branch, bent over the hood of a car, or in a school with a ruler bent over the desk of your teacher/principal? i think the ruler beats out the other choices

Would you rather be a brat to your spanker to deserve a spanking or simply ask your spanker for a spanking because you know you needed it?bratting is fun

Have you received a spanking in the past week? yes thank you very much

Would you rather be spanked for the physical pleasure or the emotional release?i don't really have one with out the other

Would you rather tell your best friends you enjoy be spanked or keep it secret?everyone except the old man thinks i am vanilla

Would you rather spanking be a lifestyle choice or just something you dabble in? i am somewhere in between...i need it in my life but it isn't in every aspect of my life

Would you rather your lover be a vanilla or a spankoholic too? spanko all the way

Would you rather be spanked by a stranger or by someone who knew you well? the old man will do

Would you rather be spanked by despotic, mean person or by a compassionate, benevolent person?if i had to choose i would go with the meanie head

Would you rather be talked to while you are spanked or no talking at all? talked to

Would you rather get one swat at a time with pauses to let the sting set in or a continuous tanning to build up the fire? one at a time

Would you rather be forced into a spanking or willingly submit into a spanking? he knows i want it so much that he wouldn't believe it if i didn't submit

Would you rather have a safe word or be pushed beyond your preconceived limits? never really used a safe word

Would you rather your spanker know your spanking history or is ignorance bliss? good to know the past

Would you rather be spanked by multiple people at one time or just by one person at one time? 6 one half dozen the other

Would you rather be spanked once a day or once every few months? DAILY

Would you rather your spanker be deeply in tune or be totally unaffected to your experience as a spankee? in tune

Would you rather a closer physical relationship or a closer emotional relationship with your spanker? both thanks

Would you rather your spanker ice your bottom down after a spanking or send you to the corner to display his/her accomplishment? corner time then ice

Would you rather your spanker be the person you wish to live the rest of your life with (i.e. marriage) or the person you can call on when your tushy tickles? the old man is the person i will be with for the rest of my life and he spanks me pretty darn good so he is my choice

Would you rather spanking be a part of love making or not a part of love making? has to be a part of it

Would you rather your spanker have total control over you when you are being spanked or do you still want to have some control while you are being spanked?i willingly hand him the control

Would you rather be humiliated or respected during your spanking? humiliated

Would you rather spanking become part of a bigger BDSM alternative lifestyle or spanking just be spanking for spanking sake?we are more than spankos less than master/slave

Would you rather be filmed during a spanking to share your exhibitionist naughtiness or are you too modest to show your bum to the world? way too shy

Would you rather your spanking be gentle and gradual or painful and abrupt? whatever he wishes

Would you rather be defiant or fearful going into a spanking? depends on my mood

Would you rather be spanked exclusively in your own bedroom or anyplace else other than your own bedroom? with kids it makes it hard to be anywhere but the bedroom

Would you rather be spanked exclusively on your bottom or other places could be interesting too? i enjoy when he spanks my pussy but not too hard and i also love when he spanks my breasts as hard as he can

Would you rather a spanking be a surprise or be something you have to look forward to?surprises are nice

Would you rather spanking be a part of role playing kinkiness or a response to events that have happened in reality? Both

Saturday, August 22, 2009

oh woe oh woe oh woe is me

our mini vaca is not turning out well at all :( so my solution is to read some spanko blogs of course...i am sure i will give a run down on the vaca when i get home but let me just say thus far the most action i have gotten was a few miniutes of getting fingered in the car and getting a few swats in the car....sigh...woe is me(my hand is on my forehead as i say this)

Friday, August 21, 2009

Don't Spoon Me Unless You Mean It

Ok i am all dressed up with no where to go...our mini vaca is starting today at some freakin point...we were hoping the old man could get off of work at lunch time so we could start out and of course it didnt go that i am sitting here cooling my heels all dressed up in what he requested...a skirt with no panties, a tank top w/no bra and my hair in pig tails...waiting for him to get off of work knowing every extra minute he is there is an extra minute of reststop sex or hotel sex we arent isnt just the sex that we might not get to have along the way that is bugging me....i love to travel but i have to travel in a certain way...i always plan everything out, i am packed way in advance, i like to leave on time if not early, i always combine the gas/eating/bathroom pit stops to get from point A to point B as soon as possible...the problem here is the old man isnt that way...the last time we went on a road trip we almost broke up before we left because he was spending 2 hours getting the car just right before we left making us 2 hours late starting the time we left we werent talking to each other...if i leave late on a trip it just throws my whole day i am presently trying not to let the anxiety of leaving later than we wanted get me all twisted up...i know it isnt his what is a girl to do? about

Well almost this is the continuation of the last blog...after our comedy filled session we went to sleep...the old man got up around 3:30ish either to use the bathroom or get some water or he crawls back into bed and starts brain is automatically awake and my thoughts are..."WOOO HOOOO i am gonna get some more" takes about two seconds for me to get we are spooning and i start rubbing my ass against his i move his hand from my waist to my response...then all of a sudden he is SNORING in my ear....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...i tried to wiggle some and wake him up and it just wasnt happening so i pushed away from him and grumbled for him not to snore in my ear...nothing worse than thinking you are gonna get some and you don't...when i brought it up to him the next day he said i should have just grabbed his crotch and stroked til he woke up...but i know if i had done that one of two things would have happened...either he would have grunted and pushed me away and it would have hurt my feelings or he would have woken up and fucked me but then i would have been in trouble when he was exhausted all i let it go and read my book til i calmed back down and could go back to sleep
So my topic for today while it may seem like just me bitcing is actually about making the first move...who do you think should do it?...should it be the man?...should it be the woman?...whould it be whoever happens to be horny?...does it even matter?...i cant be the one to do it...there have been many a night when i lay awake next to him wanting him to turn me over and use me oh so good..but i just lay isnt in my nature to instigate any kind of sex or play...i dont know if it is just my submissive nature or fear of being turned down but i cant bring myself to do it...maybe one day i will work up the nerve to just reach over and grab his cock and stroke him til he wakes up but that day is way in the future...So if you have any opinions or suggestions on this please leave me a comment

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nail the damn mattress to the box spring

So i got laid...woooohooooo....yeah but i got injured as well...not wooohooo...well there were some good injuries but i call that my spanking...i was actually supposed to make it over to his place two nights ago but that didn't i get there last night and i am pretty sure it was to just make me suffer for keeping him waiting he kept me waiting a while...i was on the bed in my nightie and he was just playing on his computer letting me literally stew in my own juices...when he finally decided to fuck me he ordered me to get naked and walked over to get his i am not one who can stay still for amazes me when people can...i jerk and wiggle(along with crying out and getting VERY wet) with pretty much every stroke of the we followed the pretty standard starting routine for us...he started playing with my nipples - pinching, sucking and biting - then came the nipple clamps....then he spanked me damn good....then i sucked him off while he spanked me some more...then the fucking hard and a bit more wild than usual....apparently we had scooted the mattress partially off of the box spring with out when i was laying across the bed with my head at one side and he threw my legs over his shoulders and started pounding me the mattress was too far off the box spring and a tumbling down i wasn't too bad because i felt it happening and twisted my body so my face hit a little hard but it could have been much we took a little this time i couldn't even tell you how many times i had cum but the old man hadn't...but i think he felt a little guilty for fucking me right out of the bed so we took a time out...when we restarted it was matter how many sessions we have had in a night(or day) when his cock first slides into my cunt i fall in love with his cock all over again and if he is smacking my ass when it happens...oh forget about so we start going at it again this time with my head on the other side of the bed...i don't like laying with my head at the head board because i don't like banging my head against the head board...well guess what happens...a tumbling i go again...but this time i didn't realize what was happening in time and my head hit the floor with an audible thunk....i stood up a bit dizzy and my head and neck both i have fallen/been fucked out of the bed once or twice before but never two times in one night...what started out a naughty night ended up turning into a comedy...and as i was picking myself up off the floor he was trying his hardest not to the time i wasn't in the mood to chuckle but now as i retell it i can see the humor in the this point the old man called an end to the nights acrobatics and i laid down to read and he played on the computer for a bit...then he decided to go to bed and asked "do you want some more fucking"...he hadn't even finished the sentence before i threw the book down and moved over for him to fuck me...this time we stuck with good old doggy style so there was no chance of me injuring myself further...ok so that was the sex for the evening...the question is does anyone have any suggestions for keeping the mattress from moving off of the box spring?...i woke up this morning with a bruise on my face which was either from the fall or from when he was biting/sucking on my neck...either way have to think up a cover story for the bruise...i have more to write about the night but i have some stupid chores that must be done so i will be back on later to write more

Monday, August 17, 2009

meme from daisy

OK, there are no rules for this one; other than please tell the absolute truth! If it is a question you would feel uncomfortable telling the truth on, please just say, "Claiming the 5th" ...LOL, no probs with unanswered questions!

1) How old are you? old enough to know better young enough not to want to

2) Are you in a steady relationship? yes with the old man

3) How many times have you been married? one too many

4) How many people have you spanked/been spanked by?more than a handful less than a gross

5) State top 3 reasons for enjoying spanking/being spanked?

1)the loss of control

2)the pain is a great reminder of what i should/shouldnt be doing(and it feels so good)

3)it makes me very wet

6) What is your favourite meal? Steak

7) If a friend offered to bake you a cake, which would you ask for? some kind of vanilla strawberry concoction

8) Name 3 foods you would gag to see on your plate broccoli, seafood, liver

9) Do you have any phobias? If so, name! liars...i just cant deal eith them

10)If you could choose a brand new car, what colour would you pick? pretty blue

11)Describe your dwelling place house

12) DO you live in urban or rural area, countryside or seaside? urban

13) How many miles to your nearest McDonalds? not even a half mile

14) How many miles to your nearest train station, bus stop? bus stop is by the mcdonalds

15) How far to travel to reach a shopping area with a range of shops including large supermarket?100 yards

16) Do you exercise regularly? i dont understand the question

17)Would you consider yourself healthy?that would depend on your definition of healthy

18) Do you feel you are under/overweight? Yes. oh, which? lol, I'm too short for my weight.(couldnt have said it better myself)

19) Are you currently on a healthy eating plan? (never say diet!) not even a little bit

20) Do you have any pets? besides the man in my life?...just kidding honey..i have a dog and turtle and some fish

21) How many hours a week on recreational use of a computer? i mix my work day with business related web surfing and recreational web surfing so i cant answer this

22) Do you consume alcohol regularly? (if so, how much on average in a week?)No, I don't drink at all

23)How many hours a week do you get the opportunity to relax/enjoy privacy with your partner? not enough

(24) Who does the lion's share of the housework in your household? i soooo wish i could say the maid

25) How many hours a week, on average, do you spend watching TV? maybr 15-20

26) Do you smoke? If so, how many a week?i do occasionaly

27) Name any sport you do/would be willing to, take part in. does outdoor sex count?

28) Would you like to participate in an extreme sport? (eg, hang gliding, bungee jumping...) no i choose life

29 What is your partners/potential partners, sexiest feature? (eyes, ass, smile, legs, muscles, chest, voice, etc) all of the above

30) What field of work are you in? (be as general as you need to...) a vital service here in vegas

Weeds and a spanking

Just a quickie since i am at work and i am supposed to be behaving am an average tv watcher...most shows i will watch if i am home and bored but if not i wont lose any sleep over it...HOWEVER there are a handful of shows that are "must see tv" for most current is Sons of Anarchy...let me tell you that Charlie Hunnam who plays the lead character is just plain yummy...anyways back to the show i wanted to talk about...i love the show weeds but i do not get showtime anymore(too expensive not enough watchable tv) i just wait til the season comes out on DVD and watch it then...i was very pleasantly surprised when a new character to season 4 was sitting in the limo with Nancy and pull her OTK, pulled up her cute little purple dress to reveal pretty black lace panties and spanked her hard...two of my favorite things - spanking and the show weeds- now combined....woooo hooooo...i didnt finish the season but i hope there will be much more of this to come

Sunday, August 16, 2009


i am looking to play with a tens unit but i am unsure what the rules and warnings are for this...some people say you cant use it at all above the waist yet some people say you can...i have the unit that i got for an ankle injury years ago but i have never used it for any kind of play...i love breast play and i am hoping to find some advice on doing it..but i don't want to do any serious damage to myself so i am looking for others input...luckily i have complete trust in my old man who will be the one controlling the i feel 100% safe in that sense...i just want to have an idea of what the guidelines for this kind of play should be...also i am wondering what kind of sensations the tens unit will as always any comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated

Saturday, August 15, 2009

the anniversary that was then wasnt then was then wasnt

So the anniversary celebration was amazing but it was derailed a few times before it got rolling

First an unexpected out of town guest(not mine) who was fucking rude enough not to let him know she was coming made what should have been night number 1 of our playing and celebrating not was the night before our anniversary and i wanted to have a night of playing and then wake up together on our anniversary...while i am very open on here explaining all my kinks and fun i keep all of that hidden in i was not about to go over to get the punishment i knew was coming my way where there would be an inconsiderate bitch oops i mean houseguest on the other side of a thin wall inhibiting my responses and enthusiasm....i am not sure if you can tell but i am slightly bitter about this just really pisses me off that with things finally settled down enough with the family situation going on that had been keeping us apart just in time for us to celebrate our anniversary it all got thrown to the back burner because some bitch couldn't be considerate enough to fucking call first...Now living in Vegas i know my friends love to come here...partly to visit me and partly because they know they have a place to stay in vegas where they aren't going to have to pay for a hotel or most meals or cabs or any of that...but in the 10 years i have lived here there were two times when friends just showed up with no warning and they knew they were taking a risk that they would be on their own...i would never not give them a room but if one of my friends stupidly showed up on our anniversary with no warning he or she would have had to entertain themselves... this is where my anger spreads to the old far as i am concerned he should have told her "Welcome to town. Of course you can stay here. HOWEVER i will be spending the night at my woman's house celebrating our anniversary" but he didn't want to be rude or i am not sure why one has to not be polite to another human being who has proven herself to be completely inconsiderate...Is all of my bitterness increased because it is a female friend...yes...i am not even going to try to pretend i would be as pissed if it was a man staying at his house...first off i think if it was a male friend my old man would have been much more willing to tell his friend "hey i am going to go get laid you are on your own"...second off while i don't believe my man would cheat(i have told him he can have sex with any other woman as long as he is honest with me about so when he says he isn't going to fuck her i believe him) it hurts my feelings that he chose her over through all of this i kept my temper...usually i would fly off the handle and i really didn't...i did my very best to just explain to him that my feelings were hurt that was night one of the anniversary ruined

Onto night two...i am a stubborn bitch sometimes and when i dig my heels in well i dig my heels in...the saying "cut your nose of to spite your face" applies here...i wanted to get fucked soooooo bad it physically hurt me(what i call my blue ovaries)...but i was still pissed that she was there and i wanted him to suffer for letting her presence push me to the back burner...and again i really didn't want to have to be quiet when he was fucking me OR deal with any kind of awkward the end of the night i really had wished that she was the kind of friend he could have just invited into our bed so i could have not only gotten the fucking i needed but i could have licked some pussy too...i also wished he would have just "ordered" me to get over there and service him...the only reason i didn't basically boils down to pride and i think it is his job to knock my pride down if i am being stupid

So night three...we had already planned on getting a room at a nice hotel and going to a movie, a nice dinner and going to an adult store to get some toys...initially i wasn't sure if we were going to keep the plans because of the above mentioned bitch...but the old man assured me we were going i checked into the hotel and waited for him...he got off of work a little late but hurried to the hotel where the plan was to take a shower and then get right down to spanking and fucking me before we went to dinner and the movie...well he literally walked into the room took his boots off and the company cell phone rang with an issue requiring him to turn around and he goes and takes care of the work the time he gets back we aren't going to have enough time for pretty much anything more than his shower...well at least that is what i during the day i had been instructed to wear a skirt with no panties i was laying on the bed playing on my laptop(watching porn) when he got out of the shower and he didn't waste any time walking straight over to the bed, lifting my skirt and spanking my at this point i think well i will at least get a spanking before we go out...i can be happy with that...he then grabbed his nipple clamps and put them on my very happy nipples...back to the spanking...then i feel him pulling my hips up to position me doggystyle...i almost came right then when i realized he meant to fuck there is something to be said for a man who can make it last all night or make it as quick as it needs to be...i made sure to wear my hair in pigtails and he made sure to grab those and use them to pull me back onto his cock...i came three times wooo hooo

Before the movie we only had enough time to grab a quick snack...then we saw the ugly truth...VERY VERY funny movie...i enjoyed it and so did was a fight to get him to go see a "chick flick" instead of some bang bang shoot em up but he ended up enjoying the movie as much as i did...of course i am sure the fact that he made me cum three times during the movie helped that first two times were from nipple play....i thought i would be cute and tease him so i kept rubbing his thigh and cock through his jeans...i should have known better because his response was him sliding his arm around my shoulders and then down my shirt...he was ruthless on my nipples...i think i bit his arm a few times because i was so turned on and in pain and i didn't want to moan or make any noises that would draw attention to us...about half way through the movie i moved my thigh over his...i LOVE stadium style seating in the new theaters that have the arm rests that can be move up out of the way...makes everything from cuddling to blow jobs in the theater way i was sitting with my thigh over his and his hand was rubbing my thigh and then magically made its way to my very wet took about 30 seconds of him fingering me before i came

After the movie we had to decide what to do...if we had left to go to the adult store it would have made it so we would barely have any play we decided to grab a bite and then go fuck...a decision i am very happy with

When we got back to the room he stripped and asked me why i still had clothes on...i went to grab my nightie and he objected...he likes me naked all the time and i like having at least a nightie i kind of hemmed and hawed til he went to the rest room and i quickly changed into my nightie...he came out and grabbed the nipple clamps and pulled the nightie down to clamp them on...then he grabbed his belt and went to is all kind of a pain/pleasure blurr but i do remember him yelling at me to hold my nightie up because it was silky and kept sliding down to cover my ass while he was using the belt on me...then i remember him grabbing the nightie and pulling it over my head telling me he told me not to put it on and i was going to pay for doing so...the sting of that belt hurt sooo good...using my hair to pull me around he started fucking my face while still using the belt on my ass every now and the time i tasted his precum i had already cum at least two times...he then turned me around and started fucking me hard and fast...for a very long various times he cut off my air supply til i passed out...and i love that...i love handing that control over to him...letting him decide when i can breathe is pretty much the ultimate show of trust...and every time i regained consciousness and gasped my first breath of air after he released his grip i would cum was a night filled with my

We didn't get to do everything we wanted to...we had grand plans of using the tens unit(gonna be the topic for my next blog) for the first time, he brought cuffs, blindfolds, gags, all kinds of cunt toys, etc...but we are taking a mini vacation next weekend and hopefully we will get to explore some more ways to cum then
Ok so my questions to you all is #1 am i being unfair regarding his friend coming to town #2 is it his job to take the wind out of my sails when i am being too prideful and just "order" me to knock it off? #3 did i place too much importance on the "anniversary"...should it be as special as i tried to make it or should i be that into fucking my old man and playing with him every day of the week? and lastly #4 does anyone else like the breathing control like i so and do you have any thoughts or ideas on it...actually if anyone has an thoughts or ideas on anything i wrote i would love to hear from you
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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I know it has been too long since i have really blogged...again just super lets do a quicky for today...topic is night sex vs morning sex vs nooners

I am not one for just seems to rushed for me to try to meet up and get laid on a lunch hour...unless of course you have extra long lunches which i bed time sex which is 95% of the sex the old man and i have is a double edged sword for me...i usually fall asleep before he is ready to fuck he wakes me up which i dont mind most of the time and we will go about our session but the down side is he is a typical man and falls alseep within 20 minutes afterwards...hell usually with in 5 minute afterwards and i am wired for sound after always takes me like an hour to come down and settle down enough where i can fall back asleep...hence the small reading light on my side of the this leaves morning far my FAVORITE sex is morning sex...i LOVE LOVE LOVE being woken up out of a deep sleep with a cock sliding into my cunt and a fist in my hair pulling as hard as can be....i think that is the main reason he doesn't like me sleeping with panties on so if he does feel like fucking me there is no obstacle in his way my opinion it is the best way to start the day and it wakes me up really fast...i don't even have the desire to hit the snooze button my man isnt really a morning person and has a habit of sleeping in too long as it is so i dont get morning sex very often :(...i know poor me...if i am lucky i might get a swat or two if i am not good about getting up or something...but other than that not sexual satisfaction for me in the morning...maybe i should try to be more bratty or something in the mornings and see if that gets me fucked...what do you think?...i would love to read any comments or emails about this topic from you all
i do believe i am seeing honey tonight and i do believe he will be punishing me so hopefully tomorrow i will have interesting/fun stuff to tell i am going to fill out a quickie a friend sent me below...kinda silly but it is a silly day

i've kissed someone:

[ X ] on the cheek

[ X ] on the lips.

[ X ] on their hands or fingers.

[ X ] in my room.

[ X ] in their room.

[ X ] of the opposite sex.

[ X ] of the same sex

[ X ] a little younger than me.

[ X ] a little older than me.

[ X ] with black hair.

[ X ] with curly hair.

[ X ] blonde hair

[ X ] brown hair

[ X ] blonde hair and blue eyes.

[ X ] with red hair

[ X ] with straight hair.

[ X ] shorter than me.

[ ] with a lip ring.

[ X ] who i truly love/loved.

[ X ] who was drunk.

[ X ] who was high.

[ X ] in the morning.

[ X ] right after waking up
[ X ] just before bed.

[ X ] late at night.

[ X ] who I had just met.

[ X ] who I really didn't want to kiss.

[ ] while i was going out with some else.

[ X ] on a bed.

[ ] in a graveyard.

[ X ] at school.

[ X ] against a wall.

[ X ] at a show.

[ X ] at the beach.

[ X ] in a pool.

[ X ] who was/is a good friend.

[ X ] in the rain.

[ ] with an std.

[ X ] in the shower/tub

[ X ] in a car/taxi/bus.

[ ] on a plane.

[ X ] in the movies.

[ X ] in a bathroom.

[ X ] in the dark.

[ X ] on a roof top.

[ X ] under water.

[ X ] while driving

[ X ] a stranger

[ X ] more than one person at once.

[ X ] and cried.

[ X ] goodbye forever.

[ X ] when i was drunk.

[ ] who didn't speak english

[ X ] with an accent