Wednesday, October 7, 2009

If my bosses only knew

Happy hump day :D...i am sitting in the chair trying to focus on my work which is a tad difficult because i am facing the chairs across the desk from mine that the old man bent over yesterday afternoon...this was the first time we have had sex at this last job was much easier to have sex...actually the first time the old man and i had sex it was in the break room of my last job when the guys were all out...thinking back on it it makes me chuckle because i wasn't even a little bit quiet and the walls in the business complex the shop was located in were very thin...the insurance company that shared a wall with the shop got an earful that day
Since i changed jobs pretty close to the beginning of this year i haven't had sex at work...first off i am alone in the office much less with this job and the few times i have been the old man's schedule wouldn't allow for him to come fuck me...but yesterday all the stars aligned and he headed down...unfortunately while the last shop had a couch in the break room this shop does not
we went to the back and i got down and started sucking like a good girl should ;) but since we knew we didn't have unlimited time he quickly grabbed my hair and told me to remove my pants...we started out withe me bent over a stool and i came a few times but the stool was really too high for comfort(i am a very short gal...i don't even hit 5') and we couldn't find anything for me to stand on to boost me up...the way my work is laid out is when you walk in the front door you see my desk and to the side is a door that leads to the president and vice president's offices and straight back is the shop area...the stool we used was back in the shop but when we decided to find a better object to bend me over we ended up back in my office area with me bent over one of the reception chairs...the windows and door of the office are tinted so we could see out but it is harder to see back in...and i locked the door but there was still the thrill of someone might catch us
through out this i was answering text messages from both the president and vice president...let me tell you it was very hard to text the right words when i was getting it also made it hotter for me
we took a small break while i looked up some info the boss needed and the old man snooped around the shop...then it was back to work...and by work i mean feeling his wonderful cock slide in and out of my cunt while he spanked me with his hand
there wasn't as much spanking as usual because of the noise concerns but there was enough to let me feel that warmth that spreads through my body
tonight i should get my REAL homecoming session...complete with hand spanking, belt spanking, hair pulling, corner time, etc etc etc...after being away on my trip and not getting any for so long i need a really good session and i am sure he does too


  1. Dreamy's not quite the word I'd use, but I second that emotion.

  2. "if my bosses only new"... but if they suddenly will find out everything by opening your blogspot and reading all your stories? lol!

  3. Now that sounds like a true hump day..

  4. Okay, my bf and I volunteer to give you what you need. He'll pound his hard fat cock in every hole while I hold you down. I'll even cover your mouth, when its not full of his cock, so the neighbors can't hear you scream. Only if that's what you need and want, of course, which it sounds like you do. Sound like fun?
    Spank me if I'm out of line, pleeeeese!