Tuesday, September 29, 2009

bullet proof vests and travel sex

Bullets are flying around the work place none of them are aimed at me but it always worries me when the powers that be get grumpy in this economy...i am already only working 30 or so hours a week instead of 40 and the business is coming into our slow season...i am just praying i dont get laid off...oh well only thing i can do it stay out of the line of fire and keep my fingers crossed

onto something fun...i am going on a trip at the end of the week...i was waffling about going or not-due to the above mentioned lack of job security and lack of funds...there is an event with all of my close friends that i really want to attend and another friend's family is going through a rough time so it would be nice to be able to throw them some support...so the age old fight between the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other should ensued...ok i don't really have an angel on one should but i have a slightly more responsible devil on that should instead...and while i believe a person needs to take care of their responsibilities if you don't have a little fun along the way then why even try...so i decided that i would scrape together the money and give myself the break

so onto the spanko/sexy portion of the blog...because i have to put something about spanking and sex in right?...so the old man isn't going on this trip but it has me thinking about sex and spanking while traveling...the last trip we went on was the mini vaca i posted about on here where i got a quickie in the bathroom and that was all...the trip before that was to an old family friends house...now while staying in a hotel i think the sex absolutely is kinkier and wilder...but i really don't like to have sex in someone else's house...i am always afraid they will know and it will embarrass me...but the old man got me hot and bothered so i caved and let him fuck me...but it was the quiet, bite your lip instead of making any noise and definitely no spanking because it would be too loud kind of sex
Now if people are visiting me it doesn't bother me if they have sex in my house...and i have friends who's children were conceived in my house...and none of that bothers me...i am just too shy to do anything loud enough for anyone to hear in a house that isn't mine(or the old mans)
So do you agree disagree...know any tricks of the trade to be sneaky about it...just not care about it...etc
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  1. Mike is horrible about sex in other people's houses, absolutely no shame. I mean, I think it's hot as hell to do it, but I'm not the adventurous one. He always used to talk me into it, back when it was really an option. Now, I never visit anyone's house if I'm not already sleeping with them (the devil on my shoulder is terrified of recession and the angel keeps showing me pictures of starving African orphans, so you can guess the number of trips I go on) but if I did with someone, I wouldn't suggest sex. It'd be hard though; we'd probably either wind up doing it because my partner was ballsier than I am, or we'd have to go someplace to do it. But I hear you on the embarrasment factor. Still, I can have stealth sex and enjoy it, whereas that seems like not exactly what you need. Diff'rent strokes.

  2. My wife and I recently had sex in the closet of a friend's house during a party our friend had. We did have a few jello shots in our bellies, but it was quite amusing and fun. The party was mostly outside, and we sneaked into the master bedroom closet and I pulled her panties down and fucked her good.