Thursday, February 18, 2010

a cream pie does bring a smile

Hi everyone...i have been gone for a while...lets just say i 2009 was probably the toughest year of my life thus far...anyways i am back and can count on one hand the number of times i have gotten laid in 2010...which is all due to me not the old man...believe me he would like the number of times we have fucked all year to be our daily number but he has been great about understanding...and i am sitting here typing this with a cream pie courtesy of him....and that is my favorite feeling in the world...i got my Valentines fucking tonight and damn it was worth the wait...i saw him briefly on Valentines Day but not for long enough even to cop a feel...better late than never right

So in my car i normally listen to howard stern on sirius radio but this week is thing that could have happened for our night...i turned on the playboy radio station on my drive over to him...since it takes me between 30-45 minutes to get to his house i was so turned on and soaking wet by the time i walked in his door...seriously if he had just grabbed a handful of my hair and bent me over the kitchen table right when i walked in i wouldn't have cared who was watching....but he didn't :( i patiently waited until he started playing with my for xmas he gave me a crop, good nipple clamps, and some butt plugs...the clamps and crop have only been used twice prior to tonight but he got them out and put them to use....the plugs still haven't been used but soon i hope...after he applied the clamps and used the crop a little i sucked his cock for a bit til he got up and pushed his cock deep in me...he went hard and fast til he came in me....usually he fucks my pussy for a bit and then finishes with i love anal but not every when he finishes in my pussy it is a true treat for me and boy oh boy do i love that feeling...after he came in me he stayed inside of me and gave me a few more swats with the crop...a very nice Valentines fucking even if it was a few days i am off to bed with his cum leaking out of my i will be waking with a smile

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  1. Yay! You're back, and with Valentine's creampie to boot! I know just how you feel about anal; I love it to death, but sometimes a gal likes to feel cream in her cooch. I hope it's the start of a better year.