Friday, July 3, 2009

The busyness just never ends...i have so much going on with no end in sight...who knew i was such a good juggler...and who knows maybe one day i can figure out how to squeeze some sex into the mix...masturbating isn't something i do too often but last night i needed the release so i pulled out the toys and DVDs and went to the what i realized is the porn i have on DVDs isn't a huge collection and i wanted some new vids of naughty girls getting spanked and dominated...i had the option of moving my laptop from where i had it set up in the other room into the bedroom and getting something online but i was already going at it and that was just too much i used what i had but i did make the mental note to bring the laptop in next time...although hopefully the next time i cum it wont be onto a dildo with the vibe egg on my will be onto a cock with a vibe egg on my clit

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