Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Starting up

OK after what seems like way too much "set up" i am up and running except for the pictures i have never used picasa before so i am running into a little snafu there but i am sure i will figure it out...i am alone in the office right now and a bit horny with a few naughty thoughts running through my head...i am in a long term relationship and sadly things have been so hectic i haven't been able to get the good hard fucking i need...i really need a strap taken to my ass and some good old fashion hair pulling...but after work i have about 752 things to get done so i wont get any tonight fact it might be the weekend before i am able to get the session i need...i know for some masturbation is an acceptable substitute but i have a hard time getting into it except for rare occasions ...i would love to hear back from anyone who has any ideas to spice up the masturbation sessions

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