Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hello E/everyone

It has been longer since my last blog than i had intended but life just gets in the way sometimes...things are so busy i still havent had a whole lot of sex and the sex i have had hasnt been as kinky as i would have liked it...i am one of those women who really need the loss of control and at least a little pain to really get off a lot...during a good session i will cum many times...the first O often being before he even starts fucking me...all it takes is some nice nipple play and clamps and i start gushing...i guess i am going to sound like a spoiled brat when i say this but it is true...when i only cum once it just isnt a great session for me...and in defence of my man it is mostly my fault...he has had to wait so long in between sessions that i think when my cunt and ass were finally in front of his hard juicy cock the "play" that thrills me were pushed to the back of his mind and he just wanted to fuck me hard and fast...and i love that...dont get me wrong...feeling his hard cock poundin in and out of me is amazing and does make me cum...BUT i have been missing the "play"...the nipple clamps, the hair pulling, the strap being used on my ass, isnt just the parts i love he was man loves to get his cock sucked by his little slut...we have spent a whole lot of time with his hands wrapped in my hair forcing his cock down my throat...and the last time we fucked i sucked him off for only a few minutes before he told me to get my pussy ready for his cock and got behind me to start pounding away...i dont mean to sound like a whiny little bitch...i am thankful i have gotten any cock from him and i enjoyed the cock i got...i just am missing some of the kink and i cant wait for things to settle the fuck down so i can feel his strap across my ass....i am going to have to make sure i am extra bratty the next time i know we will be fucking to make sure he wants to really punish me

also since i am missing the kink in my life right now i spent last night looking for some kinky porn...wait let me clarify that...kinky FREE porn...since i dont watch porn and masterbate too often i usually just hunt for something on youporn...but last night there just wasnt anything kinky enough on there...they obviously keep everything on there mostly vanilla i am assuming for liability purposes...i couldnt find any free sites...every site i went to because they advertised free porn offered nothing for if anyone knows of any free sites that have something besides vanilla porn i would love to hear from you...til next time i hope you enjoyed reading my blog and i hope your orgasms are fanfuckingtastic


  1. I hear you about wanting free porn; have you tried I don't know how not-vanilla you mean by not vanilla, but they've got a huge collection which might serve, and it's free, all free.

    It's a bitch to have unfulfilled needs, ain't it? But you're not a whiny bitch for saying that you want to get off: why should guys have all the fun? Your guy sounds like he wants to please you, and I hope that everything calms down so you can get some real loving in. But don't worry; I whine a lot about not getting off too. It's our right as women ;)

  2. I think for those looking for kinky, has something for everyone. And, you can get a lot for free without any troubles. Have fun.