Monday, July 27, 2009

Hi i should be over at honey's right now but the evening just didnt go as instead i am going to blog on some other sexy blogs and then go to bed...alone :( oh well...enough complaining...onto a topic i kind of touched on in an earlier blog...sucking giving a bj isnt my favorite thing in the world BUT i do want to give pleasure to my man and since he loves getting his cock sucked....well a sucking i will go...but the problem is i am a gagger...if i go nice and slow and work it right i can deep throat with out gagging but when i try to go to fast or he gets forceful i gag...this is a double edged sword...i love when he takes control and fucks my face but the gagging isnt so i have been with guys who the gagging isnt enough...they fucked my face hard and rough til i threw up...again didnt turn me on so much but i did it because it was what turned them on....but anyways my goal is to be able to get a good old face fucking with out the any tips would be appreciated...i am sure the old man will appreciate it as well...also kinda on this subject is i go back and forth on this...when i am in the moment i NEED to swallow his cum...but when the spurting starts i remember i really dont like the taste or and i guess this might be funny or odd to some of you but swallowing his cum has given me heartburn at i alone in this?...and opinions on anything i have brought up?...sorry this isnt a masturbation worthy post but hopefully tomorrow night i will get the fucking i so desperately want and i will be able to put a post up in a couple days telling you all just how he used and abused me

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  1. Well I agree on some stuff with you! I actually love to give bj's but I do have the gagging problem. I found a book called Blow Him Away by Marie Desalle & it has mouth exercises to do that, believe it or not, have actually helped me a little. It sounded weird when I first read it but it does help with the gagging. I like swallowing sometimes but agree with you about the taste :(

    BTW I found your blog through a mention on A Spanking Good Time & am going to "borrow" your meme also! Thanks & good luck!