Tuesday, February 23, 2010

3 in 1 week...but this one might not be your cup of tea

Well i didn't make three in a row but i did make three posts in a week...maybe things really will get back to "normal"...so i am going to go back to blogging about what ever topic pops into my head...today's topic might not be everyone's cup of tea...i am currently menstruating and hornier than ever...i have never had a regular cycle...there are times i go for 5 or 6 months with out having a period...which is ok with me except for one thing...i LOVE having sex when i am menstruating...i am not sure if this is "normal" or not but with out fail after the cramps of the first day ease up i am horny 24/7...not every man i have been with has appreciated this trait of mine...the first guy i lived with was completely grossed out about it and wouldn't do it...i remember begging him and he wouldn't cave...i understand the mess isn't fun and clean up kinda sucks and i can understand why it would give a guy the heebie jeebies...but in the moment none of that matters to me...i just need a cock in me and i will promise damn near anything for that to happen...there are many reasons i like period sex...if you have read my blog at all you know nipple play is only tied with cream pies for my favorite things and when menstruating my nipple are more sensitive than ever...so that is great...the "dirtiness" or "naughtiness" is probably another reason i am so turned on during this time...again even during regular sex i love it dirty, rough, submissive(on my part)...just plain nasty...so the nastiness turns me on...i am sure there are other reasons i am so horny at these times but whatever...luckily the old man enjoys it as well...when we were first getting to know each other he was the one who broached the subject and was concerned i wouldn't like it...i was very happy to tell him i enjoy it just as much actually probably more than he does...there are downsides...well basically just one...the clean up sucks...a couple years ago the old man was leaving for a trip and i was his ride to the airport so i drove to his house at like 3 or 4 in the morning and we actually had a conversation about how it wouldn't be a good idea because we didn't have a whole bunch of time and we would have to shower and strip the linens before we left...so we decided the logical move was for me to just suck him off...well it was maybe 10 minutes before he had me strip and was fucking me hard and fast...we just both wanted it so much him making his flight took a back seat...he still made his flight and when we got to the airport he actually asked me to park the car in the garage and let him fuck me bent over the back seat of my suv....i declined...it is one thing to have to wash some sheets to clean up...having to scrub the upholstery in the car would have been too much...but i was tempted...this common interest is one more reason i am sure the old man is the guy for me...and i hope i am still menstruating on Friday...we are going to have date night once the kiddies go to bed...we are going to go to the movies, dinner, and then home to use my Xmas presents some more...i am hoping we won't get much sleep Friday night...ok i am basically just rambling...but since that is what i do i am sure you are used to it...if you enjoyed this topic then you are welcome...if it wasn't your cup of tea then i am sorry but hopefully you will enjoy the next topic--whatever it might be

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  1. Fuck in the shower. I know, I know, it's less comfortable than a nice soft bed, but seriously, if I've got to have it (and I don't get like you do, but I understand the deep need sometimes) I make for places easier to clean than sheets. Orgasms are good for what ails you, cramps and such.