Saturday, September 26, 2009

big ole stupide meanie head

So the old man is a big ole stupid meanie head...i am probably getting into trouble writing that...but if i wrote the other descriptive words i was thinking i would REALLY be in trouble....last night started out well...we were supposed to head off to the movies but i was feeling kinda lazy so when i got to his place i told him if he didn't want to go we didn't have he went and got a package of clothespins and started attaching them...first came the nipples...obviously i loved that but if given the choice i would take nipple clamps over clothespins--they just squeeze tighter I think...then he started attaching them clothespins to my cunt this point i am soaking wet...the old man proceeds to fuck my face for a bit...him standing at the edge of the bed with me on all fours on the bed...while i am sucking him of he spanks me...maybe one day i will be able to keep sucking when i am getting spanked but i am not there yet...i still stop sucking to yell out when i get the old man got the belt and went to town using it on me...with me squirming and yelling/moaning he proceeded to turn my ass red hot...this all turned into rough, nasty, hair pulling, shoulder/ear/neck biting, ass spanking sex...Our normal is usually to stick with oral and vaginal sex during round one of the night as long as we know there is going to be more than one round...this night was no different...after round one the old man removed the clothespins which of course brought a new wave of pain and made me ready for round 2 old man went to his desk to smoke...i threw my nightie on and he shook his head and informed me he wasn't done with me...eventually i grabbed a cigarette and went and straddled his leg so my wet cunt lips were against his bare thigh…..he rubbed my ass through my nightie and commented on how hot it was from my spanking….it really was very hot to the touch which means I was still feeling that wonderful stinging...i am not smoking a lot anymore...almost the only time i do it is after/during sex with the old man so i couldn't finish a whole i squirmed around on his leg a little bit before i put out my smoke and i went and laid back down...when he was ready for me again he made his way to the bed, laid down behind me, roughly threw my leg up in the air and positioned his cock at my cunt and started pumping away...every now and then he smacked my upper thigh/lower ass or pinched my lube is a constant point of contention between us...obviously i want lube used in anal sex and he says it feels better if we dont use he started using my cunt juices-by this point i dont even know how many times i had cum-to work his fingers into my ass...he repositioned me doggy style on the edge of the bed and started moving back and forth between my cunt and ass....he would push in my ass a little til i screamed out and he would move his tick cock back to my cunt for a few strokes and repeat...soon he was full fledged fucking my ass...i have described this before...when he fucks my ass so hard and ruthlessly i feel both hatred and love for him...i want him to quit it and never stop all at the same some point of him using my ass i looked back over my shoulder at him and grunted "i hate you" to him...which of course only made him fuck me harder...still while looking over my shoulder i asked him how much he loved bringing me pain...he didn't respond verbally but he went at it even some point he choked me till i passed out and collapsed down still on my knees but my face and chest flat on the bed...when i came back to he was still just fucking me hard and fast...of course i that i only breathe when he lets me just gets me so horny...just typing about it right now has me soaking when this session was done he ran out to the store and when he came back i had the tv on a channel waiting for a program to start and I may have dozed off a teeny bit…well Mr I Must Be In Charge of the TV and Remote changed the channel to a movie i would never ever watch…when i told him to change it he said i was sleeping so he could watch whatever he wanted…i told him i didn’t want a scary movie on even when i was sleeping..i am a super duper wuss…anyways this conversation woke me up and i look over at the screen and he is chatting away in im with a female…i got super irritated…he should have been laying in bed with me not talking to some other female……grrrr…i don’t care if this is irrational it is how i feel…so i got all pouty and decided to just go to bed…this all happened at like midnightish…so at 2am!!!!! When he comes to bed and i realize how late it is i get even more pouty…he tried to snuggle with me a little and i make it clear i am not in the mood for snuggling…so he starts spanking me…now most times even when i am upset with him i am ALWAYS in the mood to get spanked and get some of his yummy cock…so i start getting wet and he spanks me some more…and then he turns over and goes to sleep…..leaving me literally all hot and bothered…so of course instead of being able to fall back asleep i am up and hot and bothered and pissed…i really didn’t go back to a good sleep for the rest of the night i was just dozing and waking up all night long and it is all his fault and now i am at work with blue ovaries…and even though i am mad at him i am wishing he were here bending me over my desk making me hate him all over again….sigh…well tomorrow i think i will be staying there and he better pull out all the stops…i want us to play with his whole arsenal…belts, straps, floggers, vibes, clamps, clothespins, and hopefully the tens unit...i want to be put in the corner, spanked, bitten, tied up, etc etc etc …of course i probably shouldn’t get my hopes up but i will keep you all updated...i am going to post a poll about anal and lube please vote for your preferences


  1. can't wait for that poll

    meanie, meanie, ha, nice

  2. you won my nfl game! congrats

  3. I love the title of your article--such delicious irony. I hope you got fucked good!