Thursday, September 10, 2009

soooooo sleepyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

so i am in the midst of a bout with insomnia...i have been unable to fall asleep easily...for the past week i have been tossing and turning trying to fall asleep..i have tried to read myself to sleep which usually works for me...i have tried to bore myself to sleep...i have tried to count naked men jumping over a fence(because who really wants to count sheep) has just sucked...and then when i fall asleep i havent been sleeping the whole night just sucks
i am a girl who needs my has even been said(of course i dont believe this) that i am grumpy when i dont get enough i havent felt much like blogging or masturbating...but last night i figured maybe i will just masturbate and cum and that will help me luck
i have a perscription that will knock me out but the problem is i am always useless and still way too drowsy the next day so i cant take it when i have work...i hope tonight something changes and i can sleep...or i might commit murder....ok well not murder but i am sure i am "this close"*holding up thumb and forefinger very close together* to getting into trouble with the old man
well i am going to go finish up my work for the day...maybe when i get home i will blog and get nice and turned on and then be able to sleep well*fingers crossed*


  1. Well, you've tried all the things I would suggest. Hope somethings helps soon! *fingers crossed, too* Meow

  2. I am an insomniac myself. We're all different, but the best way I can help myself sleep is to go to bed and wake up the same time every day. Even the weekend. My problem is when I travel to different time zones. Exercise helps too, though sex may count if you get acrobatic. If you don't work up a sweat, it doesn't count.

  3. A glass of red wine does it for me ... but, calcium is also good - me, I don't like milk, so I'll take calcium supplements - works pretty well when I need it. Good luck!