Friday, September 4, 2009

keep your fingers crossed for us please

Hi there...this isn't going to be a spanking blog so much as just a venting blog family is involved in a bullshit ass situation with a bitch who used to be part of the family(through marriage) She has made horrible and ugly accusations against us and though in this country you are supposed to be innocent til proven guilty this isn't the case...when spiteful worthless cunts know how to work the system you find yourself trying to make the powers that be believe that it is all a rash of shit...if someone looks at the situation logically it should be easy to see that she is a lying vengeful bitch...she literally tried two other times to drag us through the mud and when that didn't work she upped the ante and made the most vile accusations she could think of...hopefully when the time line is laid out and we prove her a liar on many of the issues the judge will realize this is just her grasping at straws and throw out the remaining baseless claims that boil down to our word against hers...but unfortunately it basically is going to be a he said she said type thing and who ever the judge believes is going to be the victor...i know "right" is on our side but i am worried because she is a very good bullshit artist and people like to believe her initially...i have seen it over and over with her where she will get a new friend and snow them playing the "oh pity me i am an angel who happens to be a vitcim too" and then after about 6 months she cant keep all of her lies straight and the friends realize what a piece of shit she is and they end the friendship...unfortunately we don't have six month to convince the judge what a liar she i head of to court with my fingers crossed asking all of you to send your good thoughts, prayers, and good juju our way

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