Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is texting a weapon

Question of the day...do you use texting, emailing, dirty little notes, or even smoke signals as a weapon...maybe weapon is the wrong word...i will through out the day send the old man naughty text messages...i do it for many reasons...to turn him on, to turn me on, to let him know i am thinking of him, to get him all worked up, and sometimes even to get him sexually frustrated when i know he wont be seeing me to get some relief...if he actually took lunch to work i would leave little sexy note or pics in his lunch box...i make sure to send him naughty emails or cards from kinkycards so he gets to find those little surprises in his in box every now and then...i think it is fun and cute stuff
However i just got yelled at a little bit(mostly just him joking) because i sent him a text when i knew he was driving that said i should be giving him road head right now...he called and asked if i was trying to distract him so he caused an accident...hee hee
I never even really thought of my texts, emails, kinkycard, etc as bratting but now i kinda do and it is just going to make me do it more...lol...whats the worst that can happen...a spanking?wooo hooo
He doesn't do that kind of thing very often for me...i wish he would but i understand that while i sit at a desk every day he is on top of, inside of, or underneath cars all day getting dirty doing "mans work" so his work really isn't conducive to him sending me texts...but if you are reading this old man---it wouldn't kill ya to send me a text or kinkycard every now and then
So in your opinion...because i do value my spanko friends opinions...is sending these texts and other messages bratting?...and even if it is should i stop or continue


  1. I think sending messages like that is HOT. Jess will often send me "naughty" pictures while I'm at work. Though she doesn't usually send many naughty text. She prefers to call me, talk a little dirty and tease me with her voice. Plus when I hear her she'll often tell me she's masturbating and start moaning in the phone which just get's me very turned on.
    Anyway, keep having fun with all the naughty texting...Kara XOXOXO

  2. I send P naughty text's and email him pictures of myself in some sort of pose with a few choice words :) It certainly ads some fun.

    So yes, naughty texting is great.


  3. Red, most certainly bratting, but nice.
    Warm hugs,