Monday, September 7, 2009

here i sit on a bruised bottom

So the end of a long weekend has was a bit of a stressful weekend...all of the legal hassles we have going on on the forefront of my mind...hopefully one day it will all be over onto the spanking i received that has me sitting on a bruised bum :)...i got over to the old mans place and we did dinner and a movie with the kids...a movie in mind you...taking three kids out to the movies is such an undertaking that we hardly attempt it...especially since the old man is good at getting current movies off of the internet...much cheaper that way
Anways once the kiddies went to bed we had to do some running around cleaning up a situation that had upset him earlier in the day...a family member had caused an upset and it had the old man in a mood...which i constantly had to remind him not to take out on me...grrrrr...i don't mind getting snapped at if i have done something wrong...ok well that was a lie...i hate getting snapped at any time but ESPECIALLY when it isn't my fault he is in his mood...and of course i am such an angel i never take my moods out on him *fingers halo above head* so he shouldn't take his moods out on me
So i don't know if it was because he wanted to calm down or make me wait or he just wasn't in the mood yet but once we got back he ignored me for a loooong time...and you know how much i just love being ignored *sarcasm alert* i watched what i wanted on tv...oh yeah i actually had control of the remote for a little bit - progress huh?.....then i read and then i fell be woken up to getting my ass spanked...which let me tell you is not a bad way to wake fact the only way i can think of that i like better is to wake up with a cock deep in it isn't that he was waking me up that way that bugged was why did he wait til i had been asleep for an hour before he decided to play...oh well i shouldn't be complaining i really did enjoy getting laid
As i said he woke me up bringing his hand down on my bottom...he then instructed me to strip and service him...while i was stripping he grabbed the belt and as i was sucking his cock he was using the belt on me...every time he would strike me i would pull my mouth off of his cock to yell and he started grabbing my hair and forcing me to keep my mouth on his cock as he used the belt on me...which was very hard for of course i loved it
He then turned me around and began to give me the spanking i had been patiently waiting for...and every time he would make contact i would squirm...he tried to hold me still but let me tell you i am super squirmy when getting a spanking...i cant help it...while the spanking and the pain turns me on and make me feel like i am being truly controlled it still hurts!!!!!! i don't know if my inability to stay still bothers the old man or if he likes that i cant sit still
So after the spanking and sex that followed i laid and rubbed my bum for a was very hot and of course i was feeling all satisfied and happy...i read some more and fell asleep again while the old man dicked around on the computer....i vaguely remember him turning off my reading light and getting into bed...and then i distinctly remember him spanking me a spanking on a bottom that already is sore hurts wayyyyyyy more than the initial he spanked me some more...there was more spanking, sucking and fucking and i when i fell asleep my bottom was on fire and i was a happy little girl
It is amazing how a spanking can make my world if i could only get it


  1. You give me a warm fuzzy feeling with this one. The belt can surely make you squirm. Glad you had fun.

  2. ditto, here's to fun

    love that pic you posted ;)