Thursday, September 3, 2009

Me a brat?...NEVER

i have a plan...i am going to hide the old man's belt and his bag-o-fun...he was a big meanie head and he fell asleep last night before we could he may have fallen asleep because he has been working super duper hard...with the nature of his job he has calls after hours often in the middle of the he may or may not have been tired due to that but i dont care*stomps feet* since he slept instead of playing he obviously doesn't need his toys right?...those of you who agree please leave comments...and if you don't agree don't leave a comment because he reads this and he will use it against me*giggle*

i obviously am in a playful mood and i have to amuse myself somehow right? really none of this can come back on me as my fault...right?

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