Thursday, September 17, 2009

further explanation

i must add an explanation to yesterdays blog...lets say there are 5 levels of being stressed and pissed...ranging from a 1 being annoyed to a 5 where you want to tear peoples heads for levels 1, 2 &3 sex is a good fix...the release is awesome and a great way of getting your mind off of things...but if you are at a 4 or 5--wait let me clarify--if i am at a 4 or 5 that is when i cant get into sex...and lately things have been a 4 or 5...but hopefully it things are going to settle down fact since the birthday is only 3 days a way i am going to make damn sure things are at least settled enough for me to have a good time...i really do plan on blogging some more tonight when i get home

1 comment:

  1. hmm 4-5...that sucks for sure ...time to turn the damn cell phone off and retreat to a secluded hotel room, with champagne and plenty of room service,.....and allow yourself to be lovingly tied, restrained, and gagged, and then spanked until you scream out all the frustration and sex about it, between bouts of spanking and screaming- sips of cold champange and prawns on ice......fed to you of course.....