Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Ok so its been a minute since i have blogged...there has been an illness in the family...this is a good example of the difference between men and women...with women(well me at least) all of the mental stuff truly affects the sexual stuff...when i have all this drama and worry in my life i just am not in the mood...and at times i can force myself to fake it for the old mans sake but it just is for his sake and does nothing for me...but the old man could deal with just about anything or anyone and still put it all out of his mind long enough to have sex at least once if not more
So onto something more birthday is days away...4 to be exact...woo hoo..i like to refer to it as the best day ever!....i always do a family thing on my actual birthday so the old man and i will celebrate the Friday night instead of Saturday...i am sure i will get spanked 29 times because of course i am only 29 years old ;)...i actually am past the age of having huge birthday blow outs...nice quiet times with friends and family is more of how i like to celebrate
Now no girl in her right mind no matter how old or young doesn't like presents...however i am not too horribly materialistic about it...every year some of my adopted nieces and nephews will find the cleanest stuffed animal in their closets and the wrap it up all by themselves and it is one of my favorite presents to get every for the presents i get from adults i just want thought put into the present...of course if the present is shiny and sparkly that isn't so bad long as it is something more thoughtful than a farmers almanac i am good...but my question to you out there in kinky spanko land is do you like/expect/not like toys for your birthday...either spanko or sex toys...with me it depends on the toy...if it is something i have been really wanting then i will of course enjoy it...but i also don't want the old man to get me a toy HE really wants and then trying to pass it off as something for me...i guess that goes back to the as long as there is thought put into it i love any present

ok i am off to read a blog or two before i go to bed...time to catch up on everyones blogs

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  1. What you said, "...all of the mental stuff truly affects the sexual stuff..." makes so much sense. I'm exactly that way, and let me tell you what an effect it had on my life. My divorce was just finalized this past July, after 17 years of marriage to my (still) dearest friend. But things early on were stressful and I held a lot of resentment in my mind and my heart; just couldn't get past that. Listen, it was so bad for me, I actually became celibate for YEARS; finally freeing myself once I realized why and how this happened to me. All is good now, but it's true about women and emotions. Some of us shut down; some of us get busy.

    But enough about me and my stupid guffaw ... Have a Happy and Delightful Birthday!