Monday, August 31, 2009

So the A/C is fixed at the old man's i just have to find time to get over there...i am going to do my very best to get over there tonight or tomorrow but i just dint know when i am going to be able to swing it...but when i do i am trying to convince him that since he was a grumpy meanie head that i should get to control the tv and what we watch...the back story on this is 99.9% of the time when we are watching tv he picks what we watch on tv...we have very different taste about what tv shows we like...i like good shows and he likes super lame shows...he is very into Sci Fi...i have expanded my horizons a little...after giving it a shot i truly enjoy the SciFi/BBC show Torchwood...but the last night i was over he had a show that was titled Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus...not a movie i would be into unless i was getting paid good money to watch it...but when he puts on something lame i just read

Now this past weekend the old man was a grumpy old man...he was snappy and mean...i realize that it was because of his frustration and anger over the A/C unit but i didn't appreciate it being directed at me...and if the rolls were reversed and i was snappy with him i would find myself feeling the sting of the belt...even when he was trying to not be grumpy he was a meanie head..the other night he was going to smoke a cig and come in and watch tv with me...45 minutes later(it apparently was one super long cigarette) i was watching a show on marijuana on one of the cable news channels...he came and sat down for 4 minutes and then got up and walked the show was almost over anyways so i watched the end and then went looking for him...his excuse for leaving was he didn't want to watch what i was i started getting really isn't fair that i watch his stupid crap all the he told me to sit and we would find something we both wanted...that lasted about 30 minutes til he during his channel surfing(are all men allergic to commercials?) he saw the movie Constantine was on...he asked if i had seen it and i said no it is lame...well despite my calling the movie lame he decided to watch the movie i made one more comment about not liking the movie to no i left

Between his snapping, grumpiness, rudeness, and selfishness i think he has a punishment coming his i suggested that his punishment be me having control of the tv the next time i am there...he doesn't agree...but why shouldn't he have some sort of punishment imposed when he is a meanie?

This is all just me venting...even if somehow i got him to agree that i be allowed control of what is on the telly he would just make sure it was one of the nights where we spent far more time fucking or playing than watching tv

I know those of you who read this who are more submissive than i am are thinking he should have control over the tv and anything else whenever he wants...some of you probably think we should have equal say in matters like this...the thing is i don't mind allowing him the control most of the time...but every now and then it would be nice if he were the one to that asking too much?


  1. Another testament to why it so important that a Dom recognize and respect his subs desires. I can't imagine a healthy D/s relationship involves denying a woman the pleasures of life. What good does that do anyone? I can be in control but I don't have to give up being nice.

  2. I am the Master of many things, and the remote control is one of them. As much as I would like to relinquish that control, I don't think its going to happen. I like to think of it as a benevolent dictatorship. Your picture sums it up nicely.