Saturday, August 15, 2009

the anniversary that was then wasnt then was then wasnt

So the anniversary celebration was amazing but it was derailed a few times before it got rolling

First an unexpected out of town guest(not mine) who was fucking rude enough not to let him know she was coming made what should have been night number 1 of our playing and celebrating not was the night before our anniversary and i wanted to have a night of playing and then wake up together on our anniversary...while i am very open on here explaining all my kinks and fun i keep all of that hidden in i was not about to go over to get the punishment i knew was coming my way where there would be an inconsiderate bitch oops i mean houseguest on the other side of a thin wall inhibiting my responses and enthusiasm....i am not sure if you can tell but i am slightly bitter about this just really pisses me off that with things finally settled down enough with the family situation going on that had been keeping us apart just in time for us to celebrate our anniversary it all got thrown to the back burner because some bitch couldn't be considerate enough to fucking call first...Now living in Vegas i know my friends love to come here...partly to visit me and partly because they know they have a place to stay in vegas where they aren't going to have to pay for a hotel or most meals or cabs or any of that...but in the 10 years i have lived here there were two times when friends just showed up with no warning and they knew they were taking a risk that they would be on their own...i would never not give them a room but if one of my friends stupidly showed up on our anniversary with no warning he or she would have had to entertain themselves... this is where my anger spreads to the old far as i am concerned he should have told her "Welcome to town. Of course you can stay here. HOWEVER i will be spending the night at my woman's house celebrating our anniversary" but he didn't want to be rude or i am not sure why one has to not be polite to another human being who has proven herself to be completely inconsiderate...Is all of my bitterness increased because it is a female friend...yes...i am not even going to try to pretend i would be as pissed if it was a man staying at his house...first off i think if it was a male friend my old man would have been much more willing to tell his friend "hey i am going to go get laid you are on your own"...second off while i don't believe my man would cheat(i have told him he can have sex with any other woman as long as he is honest with me about so when he says he isn't going to fuck her i believe him) it hurts my feelings that he chose her over through all of this i kept my temper...usually i would fly off the handle and i really didn't...i did my very best to just explain to him that my feelings were hurt that was night one of the anniversary ruined

Onto night two...i am a stubborn bitch sometimes and when i dig my heels in well i dig my heels in...the saying "cut your nose of to spite your face" applies here...i wanted to get fucked soooooo bad it physically hurt me(what i call my blue ovaries)...but i was still pissed that she was there and i wanted him to suffer for letting her presence push me to the back burner...and again i really didn't want to have to be quiet when he was fucking me OR deal with any kind of awkward the end of the night i really had wished that she was the kind of friend he could have just invited into our bed so i could have not only gotten the fucking i needed but i could have licked some pussy too...i also wished he would have just "ordered" me to get over there and service him...the only reason i didn't basically boils down to pride and i think it is his job to knock my pride down if i am being stupid

So night three...we had already planned on getting a room at a nice hotel and going to a movie, a nice dinner and going to an adult store to get some toys...initially i wasn't sure if we were going to keep the plans because of the above mentioned bitch...but the old man assured me we were going i checked into the hotel and waited for him...he got off of work a little late but hurried to the hotel where the plan was to take a shower and then get right down to spanking and fucking me before we went to dinner and the movie...well he literally walked into the room took his boots off and the company cell phone rang with an issue requiring him to turn around and he goes and takes care of the work the time he gets back we aren't going to have enough time for pretty much anything more than his shower...well at least that is what i during the day i had been instructed to wear a skirt with no panties i was laying on the bed playing on my laptop(watching porn) when he got out of the shower and he didn't waste any time walking straight over to the bed, lifting my skirt and spanking my at this point i think well i will at least get a spanking before we go out...i can be happy with that...he then grabbed his nipple clamps and put them on my very happy nipples...back to the spanking...then i feel him pulling my hips up to position me doggystyle...i almost came right then when i realized he meant to fuck there is something to be said for a man who can make it last all night or make it as quick as it needs to be...i made sure to wear my hair in pigtails and he made sure to grab those and use them to pull me back onto his cock...i came three times wooo hooo

Before the movie we only had enough time to grab a quick snack...then we saw the ugly truth...VERY VERY funny movie...i enjoyed it and so did was a fight to get him to go see a "chick flick" instead of some bang bang shoot em up but he ended up enjoying the movie as much as i did...of course i am sure the fact that he made me cum three times during the movie helped that first two times were from nipple play....i thought i would be cute and tease him so i kept rubbing his thigh and cock through his jeans...i should have known better because his response was him sliding his arm around my shoulders and then down my shirt...he was ruthless on my nipples...i think i bit his arm a few times because i was so turned on and in pain and i didn't want to moan or make any noises that would draw attention to us...about half way through the movie i moved my thigh over his...i LOVE stadium style seating in the new theaters that have the arm rests that can be move up out of the way...makes everything from cuddling to blow jobs in the theater way i was sitting with my thigh over his and his hand was rubbing my thigh and then magically made its way to my very wet took about 30 seconds of him fingering me before i came

After the movie we had to decide what to do...if we had left to go to the adult store it would have made it so we would barely have any play we decided to grab a bite and then go fuck...a decision i am very happy with

When we got back to the room he stripped and asked me why i still had clothes on...i went to grab my nightie and he objected...he likes me naked all the time and i like having at least a nightie i kind of hemmed and hawed til he went to the rest room and i quickly changed into my nightie...he came out and grabbed the nipple clamps and pulled the nightie down to clamp them on...then he grabbed his belt and went to is all kind of a pain/pleasure blurr but i do remember him yelling at me to hold my nightie up because it was silky and kept sliding down to cover my ass while he was using the belt on me...then i remember him grabbing the nightie and pulling it over my head telling me he told me not to put it on and i was going to pay for doing so...the sting of that belt hurt sooo good...using my hair to pull me around he started fucking my face while still using the belt on my ass every now and the time i tasted his precum i had already cum at least two times...he then turned me around and started fucking me hard and fast...for a very long various times he cut off my air supply til i passed out...and i love that...i love handing that control over to him...letting him decide when i can breathe is pretty much the ultimate show of trust...and every time i regained consciousness and gasped my first breath of air after he released his grip i would cum was a night filled with my

We didn't get to do everything we wanted to...we had grand plans of using the tens unit(gonna be the topic for my next blog) for the first time, he brought cuffs, blindfolds, gags, all kinds of cunt toys, etc...but we are taking a mini vacation next weekend and hopefully we will get to explore some more ways to cum then
Ok so my questions to you all is #1 am i being unfair regarding his friend coming to town #2 is it his job to take the wind out of my sails when i am being too prideful and just "order" me to knock it off? #3 did i place too much importance on the "anniversary"...should it be as special as i tried to make it or should i be that into fucking my old man and playing with him every day of the week? and lastly #4 does anyone else like the breathing control like i so and do you have any thoughts or ideas on it...actually if anyone has an thoughts or ideas on anything i wrote i would love to hear from you
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  1. Hi there. No you were right to be a bit selfish and demand some time with him. Yes, work sucks. And lastly - I loved to hear how you guys fucked and sucked - it sounded delicious!