Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nail the damn mattress to the box spring

So i got laid...woooohooooo....yeah but i got injured as well...not wooohooo...well there were some good injuries but i call that my spanking...i was actually supposed to make it over to his place two nights ago but that didn't i get there last night and i am pretty sure it was to just make me suffer for keeping him waiting he kept me waiting a while...i was on the bed in my nightie and he was just playing on his computer letting me literally stew in my own juices...when he finally decided to fuck me he ordered me to get naked and walked over to get his i am not one who can stay still for amazes me when people can...i jerk and wiggle(along with crying out and getting VERY wet) with pretty much every stroke of the we followed the pretty standard starting routine for us...he started playing with my nipples - pinching, sucking and biting - then came the nipple clamps....then he spanked me damn good....then i sucked him off while he spanked me some more...then the fucking hard and a bit more wild than usual....apparently we had scooted the mattress partially off of the box spring with out when i was laying across the bed with my head at one side and he threw my legs over his shoulders and started pounding me the mattress was too far off the box spring and a tumbling down i wasn't too bad because i felt it happening and twisted my body so my face hit a little hard but it could have been much we took a little this time i couldn't even tell you how many times i had cum but the old man hadn't...but i think he felt a little guilty for fucking me right out of the bed so we took a time out...when we restarted it was matter how many sessions we have had in a night(or day) when his cock first slides into my cunt i fall in love with his cock all over again and if he is smacking my ass when it happens...oh forget about so we start going at it again this time with my head on the other side of the bed...i don't like laying with my head at the head board because i don't like banging my head against the head board...well guess what happens...a tumbling i go again...but this time i didn't realize what was happening in time and my head hit the floor with an audible thunk....i stood up a bit dizzy and my head and neck both i have fallen/been fucked out of the bed once or twice before but never two times in one night...what started out a naughty night ended up turning into a comedy...and as i was picking myself up off the floor he was trying his hardest not to the time i wasn't in the mood to chuckle but now as i retell it i can see the humor in the this point the old man called an end to the nights acrobatics and i laid down to read and he played on the computer for a bit...then he decided to go to bed and asked "do you want some more fucking"...he hadn't even finished the sentence before i threw the book down and moved over for him to fuck me...this time we stuck with good old doggy style so there was no chance of me injuring myself further...ok so that was the sex for the evening...the question is does anyone have any suggestions for keeping the mattress from moving off of the box spring?...i woke up this morning with a bruise on my face which was either from the fall or from when he was biting/sucking on my neck...either way have to think up a cover story for the bruise...i have more to write about the night but i have some stupid chores that must be done so i will be back on later to write more


  1. I can't answer your question, but I'm glad you can appreciate the humor of the situation. Sex is not always pretty. Our mattress wlawys smacks up against the headboard, then starts groaning like it wants us to stop, so we have to stop, pull the mattress down and start again. Fortunately it is only a temporary situation until the remodel is done. then back to the Master's bedroom.

  2. Well, as someone who has to jerry-rig furniture for a living (the theatre involves a mess of that kind of crap), I'd say the trick is to somehow barricade the mattress into the frame. I had a bed once where the bedboards broke, so I put the box springs on the floor and the mattress on top and the frame came up and secured the mattress in place, kept it from straying any which way. If the mattress has any kind of hooks, you might try getting some bungie cords for luggage racks and running them through the mattress (if I were doing it, I'd probably cut a hole in the bottom of the mattress to thread the cords through, but that's not a good long-term solution). Basically, you want to extend the frame up so it not only surrounds the box springs but also the bottom of the mattress. Unless you happen to be unlucky enough to have one of those crappy frames which doesn't surround the box springs either, in which case, we're talking a whole different problem.

    Yep, that's what I do. Jerry-rig crap to keep actors from hurting themselves. If I was in your bedroom right now and was able to keep from being distracted, I'd fix it somehow. I love a challenge.

  3. Tom i may not always be able to see the humor while in the situation but i can usually laugh at myself when i look back

    Lexi i am pretty sure if you were in the room getting the bed rigged would be the last thing the old man(btw that is just what i call him because he is over 10 years older than me...he really isnt THAT old-except when it comes to his taste in music) or i would want you focused on ;)

  4. lexi,

    it is called old bed, need a new one and i plan on building a nice frame with "D" rings for rope and what not, hehehehehe. there is a sheet in the box spring because the thing looks like crap, that is what causes the slippery slope so to speak. honestly bungees would not hold it, maybe some binding straps, ya i got those.........also known as friction straps or load straps. better yet i should just tie the little whore to the bed, hehehehehe

  5. I had a similar experience in my younger days... in college... and my roommate and her folks walked in just as we were trying to put the furniture back in place and get ourselves properly dressed, lol.

    Hey, you REALLY need to add a blogroll to your blog... do you know how to do that? If not, drop me a note... and watch your email!


  6. Jess always has me restrained spread-eagle when we have sex on the bed. Since I can't move, I don't hit the headboard and the mattress stays still. Though I think we have more sex off the bed than on ;) Kara XO