Monday, August 17, 2009

Weeds and a spanking

Just a quickie since i am at work and i am supposed to be behaving am an average tv watcher...most shows i will watch if i am home and bored but if not i wont lose any sleep over it...HOWEVER there are a handful of shows that are "must see tv" for most current is Sons of Anarchy...let me tell you that Charlie Hunnam who plays the lead character is just plain yummy...anyways back to the show i wanted to talk about...i love the show weeds but i do not get showtime anymore(too expensive not enough watchable tv) i just wait til the season comes out on DVD and watch it then...i was very pleasantly surprised when a new character to season 4 was sitting in the limo with Nancy and pull her OTK, pulled up her cute little purple dress to reveal pretty black lace panties and spanked her hard...two of my favorite things - spanking and the show weeds- now combined....woooo hooooo...i didnt finish the season but i hope there will be much more of this to come


  1. love that show, i'll watch anything katey sagal is in, have loved her since MARRIED and on through FUTURAMA

  2. and she does "bitch" so well on that show...when she smacked that chick in the face with the skateboard i about peed on myself