Saturday, August 8, 2009

food for thought

So it has been quite some time since i have been fucked and used properly...things are finally starting to calm down with my issues but this weekend my man has obligations with his stupid hopefully we will spend many days this upcoming week making up for it and i will have lots of naughty events to share...or at least lots ans lots of punishments...hee hee

so until then i will blog about something else

so there obviously are lots of battery operated toys i have used but my comment about liking whipped cream in the last blog has me thinking about food play...the very first time i played with any kind of food was when i was like 17 or 18 and we did the typical whipped cream and choco syrup...the reason it stands out in my head so much right now is because one of my then boyfriend's friends came over and saw the empty whipped cream can in the trash in the bedroom and he gave us tons of shit over it embarrassing the hell out of me...anyways over the years i have used the dessert type food(whipped cream, strawberries, choco syrup, butterscotch, ice cream, etc.)...i have used some veggies(carrots, cucumbers, etc)...i have used some meat stuff but never in me...for example while eating a hot dog with a man i am fucking i have been known to show him just how much of the hot dog i can take into my mouth at once...but i have never had a man fuck me with a hot dog or sausage or what ever

i have satellite radio and i was listening to the playboy channel and a listener asked if it is ok to use either a stick lollipop or popsicle to fuck his girlfriend with...i would have never thought about it but there were plenty of callers who called in to say they or their partner had gotten an infection from acts like that...of course there were also callers who called in to say the opposite - that they had been fucked with candy or popsicles or whatever and never had any side effects...i have never used candy like i have had a man lick the back of gummy bears and stick them all over my breasts and every now and then during fucking he would move his mouth to my tits and bite a gummy bear off(none too gently)...but i have never been fucked with candy...honestly though the idea of being fucked with a stick lollipop or candy cane and then allowed to suck that candy afterward is very i was wondering if any of you have stories or advice with this topic


  1. Now that was a very interesting post! I'll never look at gummi bears the same way again.

  2. I too have heard the various things about involving food and sex and winding up with yeast infections. To the best of my knowledge, it's never happened to me, and I've done some things with food that even I wouldn't recommend.
    I'd say if you were looking for some fun with candy and vaginas, go for sugar-free. What can be really fun is involving some peppermint or wintergreen in oral play. It takes a bit of practice to eat someone out properly using mints, but once one gets the technique, it can be like an icecube only better. Plus, and this is directed at everyone, if you happen not to like the taste, it helps mask it.

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