Friday, August 21, 2009

Don't Spoon Me Unless You Mean It

Ok i am all dressed up with no where to go...our mini vaca is starting today at some freakin point...we were hoping the old man could get off of work at lunch time so we could start out and of course it didnt go that i am sitting here cooling my heels all dressed up in what he requested...a skirt with no panties, a tank top w/no bra and my hair in pig tails...waiting for him to get off of work knowing every extra minute he is there is an extra minute of reststop sex or hotel sex we arent isnt just the sex that we might not get to have along the way that is bugging me....i love to travel but i have to travel in a certain way...i always plan everything out, i am packed way in advance, i like to leave on time if not early, i always combine the gas/eating/bathroom pit stops to get from point A to point B as soon as possible...the problem here is the old man isnt that way...the last time we went on a road trip we almost broke up before we left because he was spending 2 hours getting the car just right before we left making us 2 hours late starting the time we left we werent talking to each other...if i leave late on a trip it just throws my whole day i am presently trying not to let the anxiety of leaving later than we wanted get me all twisted up...i know it isnt his what is a girl to do? about

Well almost this is the continuation of the last blog...after our comedy filled session we went to sleep...the old man got up around 3:30ish either to use the bathroom or get some water or he crawls back into bed and starts brain is automatically awake and my thoughts are..."WOOO HOOOO i am gonna get some more" takes about two seconds for me to get we are spooning and i start rubbing my ass against his i move his hand from my waist to my response...then all of a sudden he is SNORING in my ear....grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...i tried to wiggle some and wake him up and it just wasnt happening so i pushed away from him and grumbled for him not to snore in my ear...nothing worse than thinking you are gonna get some and you don't...when i brought it up to him the next day he said i should have just grabbed his crotch and stroked til he woke up...but i know if i had done that one of two things would have happened...either he would have grunted and pushed me away and it would have hurt my feelings or he would have woken up and fucked me but then i would have been in trouble when he was exhausted all i let it go and read my book til i calmed back down and could go back to sleep
So my topic for today while it may seem like just me bitcing is actually about making the first move...who do you think should do it?...should it be the man?...should it be the woman?...whould it be whoever happens to be horny?...does it even matter?...i cant be the one to do it...there have been many a night when i lay awake next to him wanting him to turn me over and use me oh so good..but i just lay isnt in my nature to instigate any kind of sex or play...i dont know if it is just my submissive nature or fear of being turned down but i cant bring myself to do it...maybe one day i will work up the nerve to just reach over and grab his cock and stroke him til he wakes up but that day is way in the future...So if you have any opinions or suggestions on this please leave me a comment


  1. There is very little that is more sexy than a woman who instigates sex. I am, more times than not, the aggressor. But when a woman is in the mood and acts like she's in the mood, instead of laying there waiting and hoping for me to start something, it turns me on quickly. Be honest with him, too. If he wants you to be more aggressive, he has to agree not to be pissy because he's tired the next day. Be brave, good luck!

  2. I actually still have trouble with this for both of those reasons, but I am getting better. My husband can't figure out how I could possibly fear rejection after so long together, but I kind of do. My problem now is I would push for the sex in a situation like that. He would then go back to sleep happily afterward, and I would be completely energized and up half the night!!

  3. I have to agree with mister cookies. Nothing is more exciting then a woman instigating. I really don't know why more women don't. It is very exciting. Trust me, we will wake up and wear the lack of sleep like a badge of honor.