Wednesday, August 26, 2009

the unenjoyable swat update

UPDATE....because of a message i was sent i figured i had better tell the old man what was going on because every now and then he reads the blog and i didn't want him reading it and finding out that way...i hadn't told him because i didn't think he would care one way or the honestly never occurred to me til a helpful message was sent my way...but i am on the phone right now hearing "of course i care...that ass is mine to smack and why would you want him smacking your ass anyways"..of course i don't want the guy smacking my ass...but i cant speak completely freely with him since i am in the office...looks like i am gonna have some slpainin to do...i am not too worried...the old man has heard some of the stories about this coworker so he knows i would never go there...but there might be in for a small punishment for not telling him when it happened

As for the coworker he hasnt acted any different is a slow day for us so he has been around the shop a lot bugging me about watching my tv shows online as i do paperwork, asking me to help hold a piece of metal he was drilling, making me check the standings of his team on espn dot com, etc etc nothing out of the ordinary...i probably wont say anything til he either brings it up or does it again...then i will lay the law down...dont want anything going on that will upset the old man...or me for that matter

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