Sunday, August 2, 2009

What's in a name?

What is in a name? Master, slave, Dom, sub, Domme, switch, Top, bottom, Daddy, the girl, slut, whore, etc

I have tried my hand at most of the names at one point or another...tried being a Domme for a switch at one point..,found that just wasn't in my times i like to call a partner Daddy but that gets weird at times it just depends on the partner...i have been called a slave...but i have never really felt like a slave...i feel the title slave is for someone who lives in the world 24/7...and that just isn't for me...partly because we have kids around during the day and i don't like them to realize what is going on - especially the two girls...i want them to come to any kinks they will have on their own not because they saw it while growing up...also i love/need to be controlled and used in bed and in the bedroom but i am just not the type of gal who likes it all the time...i completely respect those who can and do live the life that way it just isn't for me...and i realize that the name "slave" comes with a commitment to the life style that i haven't put in

Slut and whore are pretty commonly used and i do enjoy being called either name...I am not sure what the difference is between a Dom/sub and a Top/ my head they are kind of the same...i guess i used to classify myself by one name or another and in the last two years i have been in the relationship i am currently in i haven't thought about it so much...he just knows i like to be used and abused when the kids are asleep and the door is locked at night...i am the type of girl who if you asked my co-workers if i liked anything kinky at all they would swear up and down i am not that type of person...i bet they wouldn't even think i would fuck in anything besides missionary..but that is ok with me...i don't need them to know my business...i save that for all you wonderful people who read my blog my question to you this fine Sunday afternoon is what is in a name...what name do you classify yourself you disagree with the descriptions i have given the different you have any sexy stories to share about a always i'd love to hear from you


  1. You dont know much about the D/s world if you feel a Dom and a Top are the same or a sub and a bottom are the same

  2. Not such a nice comment anonymous! You might think of using your name next time.

    To answer the question I've started as a sub, changed into a switch and now are mostly dominant.


  3. Never claimed to be a know it fact i was pretty upfront about not knowing the difference between some of the titles and roles...and if i "dont know about the D/s world" according to your opinion anyonmous, i am ok with that...i know what i like and i am wiling to learn more and there are plenty of people who arent douchebags who are willing to help people learn with out being judgemental

  4. It seems that people are fixated on names. You can read of someone who pigeon-holes themselves into being one thing, but that leaves out a lot of room for exploration. Maybe we do change over time, but I'd rather not get locked into a name in anything in life.

  5. top, used mainly in the gay community meaning the active partner, used in the D's community also same meaning. a top is not a Dom. but has Dom traits.

    Dom, from the word domination, meaning the one in control and active in a D's relationship.

    side note:
    (it is oxymoronic in a way because the real control is with the sub, play stops with the use of a safe word. so the true control is with the sub.)

    bottom, again from the gay community, the one receiving what the top is giving, same meaning in the D's community.

    sub, from the word submissive, the one being dominated and controlled by a Dom. a slave is different then a sub. a slave has every aspect of there life controlled by a master/Dom.

    master, used in a master slave relationship. basically the same as a Dom, but more controlling and normally part of a 24/7 life style relationship.

    switch, a person that is both a top/Dom and a bottom/Sub. normally a Dom/Top with one partner and a Sub/bottom with a different partner. but there are switch couples that mix it up.

    this is a generic list, opinions vary among the D's community but as a base guideline this is a good list to use.

    hope this helps. yes i am posting Anonymously but i bet you know who i am, the belt is waiting for you ass. you have been a bad little whore.


    most true Dom's and Top's start out as Sub's/ Bottom's. one must crawl before walking or running. this by the way is "old school D's"
    back in the "day" to become a respected Dom/Top in the D's Community you had to start as a Sub/Bottom with in the community and for lack of a better word "apprentice" with a established Dom/Top. this was very common before the D's came "out of the closet" so to speak in the 60's and 70's. in fact the gay community to a great extent with "Leather Men" is what "main streamed" the D's.

  6. Over the last few years i have learned that names mean different things to different people; this is lifestyle and vanilla. i started out as a submissive and now (literally) live the lifestyle 24/7 or as close as one can get under the circumstances surrounding the relationship.

    Like you, most people that know me (or think they do) wouldn't have a clue to this side of me. Nor would i want them too. And in the beginning i too was confused aboutt he different titles/names and regardless of what Master calls me, i answer to it. Though my faves are slut and lil one.