Monday, August 17, 2009

meme from daisy

OK, there are no rules for this one; other than please tell the absolute truth! If it is a question you would feel uncomfortable telling the truth on, please just say, "Claiming the 5th" ...LOL, no probs with unanswered questions!

1) How old are you? old enough to know better young enough not to want to

2) Are you in a steady relationship? yes with the old man

3) How many times have you been married? one too many

4) How many people have you spanked/been spanked by?more than a handful less than a gross

5) State top 3 reasons for enjoying spanking/being spanked?

1)the loss of control

2)the pain is a great reminder of what i should/shouldnt be doing(and it feels so good)

3)it makes me very wet

6) What is your favourite meal? Steak

7) If a friend offered to bake you a cake, which would you ask for? some kind of vanilla strawberry concoction

8) Name 3 foods you would gag to see on your plate broccoli, seafood, liver

9) Do you have any phobias? If so, name! liars...i just cant deal eith them

10)If you could choose a brand new car, what colour would you pick? pretty blue

11)Describe your dwelling place house

12) DO you live in urban or rural area, countryside or seaside? urban

13) How many miles to your nearest McDonalds? not even a half mile

14) How many miles to your nearest train station, bus stop? bus stop is by the mcdonalds

15) How far to travel to reach a shopping area with a range of shops including large supermarket?100 yards

16) Do you exercise regularly? i dont understand the question

17)Would you consider yourself healthy?that would depend on your definition of healthy

18) Do you feel you are under/overweight? Yes. oh, which? lol, I'm too short for my weight.(couldnt have said it better myself)

19) Are you currently on a healthy eating plan? (never say diet!) not even a little bit

20) Do you have any pets? besides the man in my life?...just kidding honey..i have a dog and turtle and some fish

21) How many hours a week on recreational use of a computer? i mix my work day with business related web surfing and recreational web surfing so i cant answer this

22) Do you consume alcohol regularly? (if so, how much on average in a week?)No, I don't drink at all

23)How many hours a week do you get the opportunity to relax/enjoy privacy with your partner? not enough

(24) Who does the lion's share of the housework in your household? i soooo wish i could say the maid

25) How many hours a week, on average, do you spend watching TV? maybr 15-20

26) Do you smoke? If so, how many a week?i do occasionaly

27) Name any sport you do/would be willing to, take part in. does outdoor sex count?

28) Would you like to participate in an extreme sport? (eg, hang gliding, bungee jumping...) no i choose life

29 What is your partners/potential partners, sexiest feature? (eyes, ass, smile, legs, muscles, chest, voice, etc) all of the above

30) What field of work are you in? (be as general as you need to...) a vital service here in vegas


  1. Good one, keep saying I'll do it but never get round to it.

    Loved your answers

    Thanks for your comment.