Saturday, August 29, 2009

hot hot hot

Hi everyone...ok so the update on the didn't really go down as either of had planned...i am sure i have mentioned it before but we live in Vegas and we are dealing with temps even a bit higher than normal...i believe today will top out at around 110...why do i bring this up when i am talking about the punishment i was to receive on Thursday...well i am glad you asked...the A/C at the old man's place went out...well not his whole place...he has one unit that is just for where we sleep and another unit for the kids bedrooms and living room and all the unit for the room we sleep in went out and this affected the evening hugely
When i walked into the bedroom to put my bag and purse down right when i got there he grabbed the dipstick and told me to bend over...i giggle and told him no and tried to get out of his reach...he was too fast...he grabbed my arm up and twisted it behind my back and pushed me over the edge of the bed...just from that i was instantly wet...i love when he manhandles me like that...when that dipstick made contact boy oh boy did it hurt...even through my shorts it stung bad...which basically mean i was super turned on and looking forward to my punishment...but we had to run to the store and stuff
So when we got back and finally went to the bedroom for the night he started out ignoring me...he knows this makes me crazy...once the kids are down and things are settled i get into my nightie which is my signal to him that i am ready for the playing to i changed and laid down on the bed...he was smoking and messin around on the computer...and either he really didn't hear me as a few questions or he was purposely ignoring i gave up and decided to accept that he was ignoring me as part of my punishment and just wait...i had almost given up and figured between the broken A/C pissing the old man off and not wanting to get even sweatier had changed his of course once i give up and think it isn't going to happen it happens
But instead of the drawn out punishment that he had planned he just gave me a normal spanking and then fucked me oh so was one of the times when after he came in my cunt i just kept orgasming...i don't know why this only happens when he cums in my cunt but i kept cumming and literally shaking long after he is done cumming...and right when he was done he moved to the desk to get a cig to smoke...which is pretty normal but he went back to basically ignoring me
I have the traditional love/hate relationships with my punishments...i dread and hate them while loving and needing i love and hate spankings and i love and hate nipple torture and i love and hate getting face fucked and i love and hate him pulling my get the point...but i HATE/HATE when he ignores me...and of course he knows that and institutes it in my when he went back to ignoring me while i was STILL cumming i knew how mad he was about the whole situation..normally he would have cuddled with me until i came down off of the high and then gone to smoke or whatever
But anyways we go to sleep or at least i try to...i can not sleep when i am hot...i tried my hardest to sleep but at 4 am i told honey i needed to go home so i could sleep...he wasn't really happy with me but he know i cant sleep in the all day Friday he kept talking about how i wasn't done with my punishment...and i argued back that there was a 24 statute of limitations on punishment and since he had already spanked me for the whole coworker bullshit then he couldn't punish me anymore...he laughed and said i could think whatever i wanted but it didn't matter
So i headed over last night thinking we would continue the punishment...when i got there he was working on the A/C so i kept the kids busy and mostly calmed down(except for a few fits) to keep them out of his way...things weren't going well with the A/C so he spent literally 3 hours wrenching on it...every time i would say anything to him he would jump my shit and snap at i just stopped talking to him..i sent the kids to bed around 10 and waited for him to come get me from the living room...he told me he was going to take a shower and apparently i fell asleep while he was in the shower...when i woke up at midnight i went into check on him and to be honest i was grumpy that he hadn't come to get me out of the living i turned around and went back to the living room...a short while late he came in and sat on the being grumpy kinda scooched away from him...he wasn't having it so he grabbed me by my hair and pulled me over to him...i gave in and laid back against his didn't take long before his hand made its way down my shirt to my nipples and he had me squirming and panting on the couch
After getting all revved up on the couch he instructed me to get naked on the we quickly made our way to the HOT bedroom...i got naked and was on the bed and i had to get in the position on the edge of the bed and watch him walk to the toy bag and get out his belt...he then started using the belt on me and started reminding me why i shouldn't be a bad girl...the pain was starting to be too much so i turned and started sucking his cock hoping he would stop using the belt on me if i was giving him worked a little...he slowed down the belt action but didn't stop it...he then moved me into doggy position and started fucking me while he continued using the belt on me
We don't have a safe word or anything...he just kinda stays in tune to my body and reaction and knows when to draw the line...well he was making sure everytime the belt came into contact with my skin i knew that it was a punishment and not just sex play...when i was coming close to my limit pain wise i started promising him i would be a good girl...he would move the area(usually just by changing the cheek he was focusing on) he was using the belt on till he pushed me to promising i would be a good girl all over even though it isn't a "safeword" he knew it was my signal that i was getting close to the edge
The fucking continued and changed to anal...mean, angry, remind me he is in charge was come choking and smacking and just rough wonderful sex
by the time we were done i was literally dripping sweat...and i know normally on a Friday night we would have kept playing...the old man is good for at least 2 sometimes up to 4 rounds...but it was so hot we were just the punishment was much shorter than it would have been had the A/C actually been working
Lately this blog has been more of a comedy of sex errors than a hot sexy diary of my sex life...first the mattress that wouldn't stay put causing me to get fucked out of the bed 2 times in one the A/C has stopped working in the desert causing what should have been great hot sweaty long sex into great really hot and really sweaty shorter sex...but hey that is life...hopefully the A/C will be fixed this week and the temps will drop and we can go back to working up a sweat instead of starting out in one...hopefully you laughed and maybe even got a little turned on reading about this...i would say i think the worst of the punishment is over but i think all of this delay is just going to make the main event that much more intense


  1. You should inform your partner that there is a time limit on punishments. Bad news for his plans good news for your bottom. There is good news for him though. I am sure it won't be long before you have earned another punishment. Have fun even with the heat.

  2. Oh the love/hate battle. I am a button pusher and sometimes just can not help mysef...Sir however will help to remind of myself. OUCH!