Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I know it has been too long since i have really blogged...again just super lets do a quicky for today...topic is night sex vs morning sex vs nooners

I am not one for just seems to rushed for me to try to meet up and get laid on a lunch hour...unless of course you have extra long lunches which i bed time sex which is 95% of the sex the old man and i have is a double edged sword for me...i usually fall asleep before he is ready to fuck he wakes me up which i dont mind most of the time and we will go about our session but the down side is he is a typical man and falls alseep within 20 minutes afterwards...hell usually with in 5 minute afterwards and i am wired for sound after always takes me like an hour to come down and settle down enough where i can fall back asleep...hence the small reading light on my side of the this leaves morning far my FAVORITE sex is morning sex...i LOVE LOVE LOVE being woken up out of a deep sleep with a cock sliding into my cunt and a fist in my hair pulling as hard as can be....i think that is the main reason he doesn't like me sleeping with panties on so if he does feel like fucking me there is no obstacle in his way my opinion it is the best way to start the day and it wakes me up really fast...i don't even have the desire to hit the snooze button my man isnt really a morning person and has a habit of sleeping in too long as it is so i dont get morning sex very often :(...i know poor me...if i am lucky i might get a swat or two if i am not good about getting up or something...but other than that not sexual satisfaction for me in the morning...maybe i should try to be more bratty or something in the mornings and see if that gets me fucked...what do you think?...i would love to read any comments or emails about this topic from you all
i do believe i am seeing honey tonight and i do believe he will be punishing me so hopefully tomorrow i will have interesting/fun stuff to tell i am going to fill out a quickie a friend sent me below...kinda silly but it is a silly day

i've kissed someone:

[ X ] on the cheek

[ X ] on the lips.

[ X ] on their hands or fingers.

[ X ] in my room.

[ X ] in their room.

[ X ] of the opposite sex.

[ X ] of the same sex

[ X ] a little younger than me.

[ X ] a little older than me.

[ X ] with black hair.

[ X ] with curly hair.

[ X ] blonde hair

[ X ] brown hair

[ X ] blonde hair and blue eyes.

[ X ] with red hair

[ X ] with straight hair.

[ X ] shorter than me.

[ ] with a lip ring.

[ X ] who i truly love/loved.

[ X ] who was drunk.

[ X ] who was high.

[ X ] in the morning.

[ X ] right after waking up
[ X ] just before bed.

[ X ] late at night.

[ X ] who I had just met.

[ X ] who I really didn't want to kiss.

[ ] while i was going out with some else.

[ X ] on a bed.

[ ] in a graveyard.

[ X ] at school.

[ X ] against a wall.

[ X ] at a show.

[ X ] at the beach.

[ X ] in a pool.

[ X ] who was/is a good friend.

[ X ] in the rain.

[ ] with an std.

[ X ] in the shower/tub

[ X ] in a car/taxi/bus.

[ ] on a plane.

[ X ] in the movies.

[ X ] in a bathroom.

[ X ] in the dark.

[ X ] on a roof top.

[ X ] under water.

[ X ] while driving

[ X ] a stranger

[ X ] more than one person at once.

[ X ] and cried.

[ X ] goodbye forever.

[ X ] when i was drunk.

[ ] who didn't speak english

[ X ] with an accent

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  1. I agree, morning sex is great and sex after bedtime is probably the worst. Kallisto and I have had sex over 400 days in a row, and almost none of them have been after going to bed. Our usual time is in the evening after dinner.