Thursday, August 27, 2009

what a can of worms

So what i didn't think was a huge deal has come back to bite me in the ass(probably literally later tonight) the old man got home yesterday and read the blog and boy was he pissed...i think firstly because i didn't tell him right away when the co-worker smacked my ass with the clipboard...if you don't know what i am talking about it is in yesterdays blogs...the reason i didn't tell him was i didn't think i was a HUGE deal...i was more worried about the coworkers knowing about my kinks than the actually smack on the ass...i guess i just assumed his thinking would be the same as mine...boy was i wrong...and that thinking is another reason he is pissed...he is mad because "i assumed there was nothing wrong with what had happened and assumed he wouldn't be upset"...he asked me if it were flipped if i would be pissed and after thinking about it admitted i would be...not because i would be worried if he would cheat...i already mentioned i told him a long time ago if he wishes to play with another chick i am ok with that as long as he is honest and upfront with i would be mad for the same reason that he is...that i took too long to tell him and didn't handle it the way he would have wanted me to...but at least i know he doesn't think i did anything to invite or provoke the coworker

So after a long talk last night this is how i think things stand...he isn't mad at me, he is frustrated with the situation and not pleased about the way he found out about it or how long it took him to find out about it...i was instructed to tell the coworker in no uncertain terms that what he did isn't ok and if it happens again my old man will "rip his head off"...that was a bit of an awkward conversation but at least it is over with...the old man also wants me to inform one of my bosses of what happened so it can go down on record...i haven't done this yet for a couple reasons...first i wanted to have the conversation with the coworker before i told the boss about it so i could tell the boss i handled it i was just letting her know what had happened...second i am waiting for the right time i don't want to seem like a trouble maker and i don't want to be making any waves that might come back and drown me later...i will tell her because i promised the old man i would but i also told him i had to tell her in my own way and time
Tonight i will be going over to receive my punishment and i don't think it is going to be pretty...he called me a little while ago and i was unable to answer because i was on the phone with a customer and the message he left was short and simple "oh so you aren't answering the phone...just more meat for the grinder"...i know he understands when i cant talk at work i think he is just trying to prepare me for tonight...and i am anticipating and dreading it all at the same time...i have a feeling there is going to be anything from being tied up or handcuffed to being spanked with many many items to corner time to worst of all being ignored after he has worked me up to a frenzy...or who knows maybe he will just want to cuddle with and watch tv anything is possible-- me right honey?..the one thing i am very sure of is i am going to be sitting on a warm bum for a few days

I emailed him the link to MBS to watch the funny video she posted(i wish i knew how to include links in my blogs so i could send you over to view it) before i realized i was in big was a big mistake...he is a mechanic and conveniently has found two dipsticks to bring home...all day long i have heard about the dipsticks...if only i hadn't sent him that

So overall things have worked out ok...i just had no idea what a can of worms i was opening by blogging about being worried a coworker knew i was not as vanilla as i want them all to believe...i am not working tomorrow so i am sure i will have plenty of time to share with you all exactly what my punishment consisted of...for everyone who shared their advice and support both through comments on the blog and emails i thank know we kinky folk may like things a little(or a lot) different than "regular" folk but i have come to find you are mostly a great bunch of people who are willing to help out the people in this crazy community

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  1. I think your Man and me are sympatico. His reaction was exactly mine. Now, the dipstick is an interesting twist. I hope it all works out.