Saturday, August 1, 2009

Hi E/everyone...i haven't had the best of weekends and there is still a lot to the only answer obviously is to write a blog...i am going to write a blog that will be a bunch of rambling i am sure and then watch the torchwood mini-series and then well probably sleep...since i am fighting with the old man i am not going to be getting laid that is for i will just keep myself busy...i used to blog on 360 and i try to keep the blog up beat and focused on fun or naughty things but that is hard to do when the man in my life is acting like an asshat...or to be fair i supposed i should say when i am acting like an asshat too but obviously he is the asshat more often than i this time it is him for damn sure...with out going into too much detail(i am sure you all would rather i didn't) he is acting like a immature person and i am frustrated at having to deal with anyways not sure when i will be getting spanked and laid again so i will have to make do chatting on here about naughty things....

So tonight i have decided to ask about body hair...well pubic hair to be exact...i like the shaved look but the maintenance and ingrown hairs are too much for me to deal with too i prefer current sexual partner doesn't mind either way...but i have been with many a partner who insisted on me being completely shaved...i think most men prefer their partners to be shaved completely or maybe that is just one of those urban legends that is put out there...i would love to hear from you...on that and if you feel different if you are shaved or not..i don't feel too much difference but maybe that is just as to my preference for my partner i guess i like it better when they are shaved for one simple reason...nothing slows me down faster when performing oral sex than having to fish a pubic hair out of my i know this blog isn't as interesting or long as my usual but i will be back on my game soon...i promise ;)


  1. There's nothing better than running your tongue over a smooth mound. Shaved and slick for me.

  2. I shave, but that's really for me, because I don't like having a bush and... well, I have a big one if I let it alone. I used to trim, and a lot of guys I've been with (as well as some gals) really went for that over completely shaved, but it was so much more of a hassle. Now, I'd really like to just find some way of shaving so it won't ever grow back, so I won't ever have to deal with it again.

    Fortunately, my hair grows slowly, so I don't have to do it every day, because there's nothing worse than stubble. I'd rather have a partner with a bush than a poorly-shaved one. Pubes in the teeth suck, but stubble on tender areas... yikes. Beard-burn is nasty. So honey, I don't know what to tell you. I think Mother Nature is a bitch for giving us body hair.

  3. Lexi i agree...if i could get it all removed once and for all i would...i know laser hair removal is an option but it is a pretty costly option

    for the ones who said shaved is your choice i am wondering if it is a deal breaker?

  4. My vote is for shaved, for both sexes. But a light carpet is not terrible if it is nicely trimmed. The look, especially on a woman, is so steamy!

  5. Being unshaven isn't a dealbreaker. A 1970's afromuff, however, might be. I don't mind hair if it's kept neat and it can sometimes be quite sexy.

  6. shaving was used in the D's community to "establish" control and "domination" over a Sub/Slave/Bottom. in the past to have ones "genitals" shaved was embarrassing.

    shaving ones "genitals" has become a common thing now. it is not as effective at establishing Domination or control as it once was.

    personally i prefer partly shaved, neatly trimmed. a shaved woman looks too much like a child. in fact that was the humiliating aspect of having a Bottom/Sub/Slave shave. it was at one time looked upon as embarrassing and not "normal" and grounds to be teased or ridaculed.

    side note, until the early 19th century shaving was not the norm at all since the cost of a razor was so expensive. as part of the industrial revolution in America and Europe the cost of a razor drooped into the realm of the common man. prior to this a man, or woman (normaly wealthy woman only) went to a barber to get a shave.

    with the advent of "disposable" razor blades in the 1930's and 1940's. women shaving there leg's and armpits then became fashionable in the US. Genital shaving became popular in the mid 80's mainly because of the prolific shaving of genitals by porn and movie this day most women of Europe and the rest of the world do not shave. it is still mainly an American social tradition.