Tuesday, August 4, 2009


I borrowed this from exploits of lexi...i dont know how to link you to her but she is on my list

Have you ever

1. French kissed (tongued)? Yes
2. Been on a blind date? Yes
3. Had or given a hickey? Yes
4. Engaged in foreplay? yes
5. Read a pornographic book or magazine? Yes
6. Masturbated to a picture? Yes
7. Sucked an Member of the Opposite Sex's breasts or had your breasts sucked? Yes
8. Seen a pornographic movie? Yes
9. Gone coed skinny-dipping? Yes
10. Committed an act of exhibitionism (moon, streak, flash)? yes
11. Masturbated? no NEVER *nose grows as long as a couch*
12. Purchased contraceptives? Yes
13. Engaged in foreplay for more than two hours consecutively? yes
14. Been shopping inside a porn shop? Yes
15. Showered or bathed with an MOS? Yes
16. Shaved your pubic hair? Yes
17. Committed an act of voyeurism? Yes
18. Had sex with a virgin? Yes
19. Had sex in a car? Not full out sex just messin around
20. Had sex outdoors? Yes
21. Experienced a lap dance? Not really
22. Gone to a strip club or porn house? I don't know what a porn house is. I've been to a strip club. (i dont know what a porn house is either...is it an adult theater?)
23. Performed a strip tease for an MOS? no
24. Met with someone for sex only? Yes
25. Had sex non-stop for an hour? Yes
26. Interrupted a couple having sex? Yes
27. Jerked off or fingered by an MOS? Yes
28. Jerked off or fingered an MOS? Yes
29. Photographed a MOS naked? Yes
30. Been naked in photos taken by a MOS? Yes
31. Given oral sex to a MOS? Yes
32. Done 69? Yes
33. Had sex in three or more positions? yes
34. Experimented sexually before puberty? Yes
35. Been caught masturbating? yes
36. Masturbated with another person in the room? Yes
37. Watched another person masturbate? Yes
38. Watched another party have sex? Yes
39. Had sex in a public place? Yes
40. Had sex during menstruation? Yes
41. Gotten a woman pregnant, been pregnant? yes
42. (Arranged, had) an abortion? yes
43. Have a child or children? No
44. Had a V.D. test? yes
45. Had a V.D.? Fortunately, no (X2)
46. Orgasmed three or more times in one night? yes i dont even count it an actual session unless i cum more than 3 times
47. Traveled over 100 miles just to get laid? yes
48. Cheated on a boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse? nope
49. Picked up a stranger for sex? no
50. Had sex with a member that you've met on [adult personals site]? yes
51. Had sex with a MOS with an age difference of 10 years or more? Yes
52. Had sex with a MOS with an age difference of 20 years or more? Yes
53. Put an inanimate object up your vagina or anus? Yes
54. Had anal sex? Yes
55. Had sex in front of a third party? kinda
56. Had an alcoholic drink? Yes
57. Been drunk? Yes
58. Used alcohol to lower an MOS's resistance? no
59. Had an alcoholic blackout? Yes
60. Smoked tobacco? Yes
61. Smoked pot or hashish? Yes
62. Used LSD, PCP, heroin, or Mushrooms? No
63. Used cocaine? yes
64. Used three or more recreational drugs in one night? No
65. Been arrested? yes
66. Been convicted of a crime? No
67. Accepted money to remove any clothing? no
68. Gotten laid on the first date? Yes
69. Had a threesome? Yes
70. Had a foursome? no
71. Attended any of the orgy or swinger parties held by [adult personals site's] members?no
72. Rimmed a partner? Yes
73. Sought out a hooker? No
74. Engaged with a hooker or gigolo? no
75. Had sex with two MOSes at the same time? no
76. Had sex with two different people separately in a 24 hr period? Yes
77. Videotaped yourself having sex? Yes
78. Accepted money to perform a sexual act?no
79. Gave or received sex with a strap-on? no
80. Slept with a married MOS? yes
81. Been engaged? yes
82. Been married? yes
83. Had sex with a friend of a current boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse? no
84. Had sex with a relative of a current boyfriend/girlfriend or spouse? no
85. Had sex with more than 10 different people in your life? Yes
86. Had sex with more than 30 different people in your life? Yes
87. Had sex with more than 50 different people in your life? no
88. Had sex with an unconscious person?no
89. Been propositioned by a homosexual?yes
90. Accepted? Yes
91. Kissed a member of the SAME sex? Yes
92. Been masturbated by a member of the SAME sex? Yes
93. Been orally stimulated by a member of the SAME sex? Yes
94. Had sex with a member of the SAME sex? Yes
95. Lived in a threesome (sex with 2 others) for a month or more?no
96. Been involved in an orgy or swingers party? no
97. Engaged in bondage? yes
98. Engaged in sadomasochism for sexual enjoyment? yes
99. Engaged in group (5 or more people) sex? no
100. Recommended [adult personal site] to another person? yes

24 no answers....does that mean i am too pure still?

as usual feel free to ask any questions you wish

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  1. Of course I don't mind that you borrowed it. Seems like our answers cross over to quite a degree, although you've been a bit more bad-ass in certain areas than I have. Can't believe you haven't swung a threesome with two guys; I highly recommend it if you ever get the chance.